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India is one such country where high priority is given to cultures and traditions and everything related to them is considered important and of high regard. Same is the case with the holy plant Tulsi which is the most sacred plant in India not only because of its medical benefits but because it of its reference in the Hindu mythology.

According to the stories related to Hinduism, Tulsi was not only a great devotee of Lord Vishnu but also shared a deep bond with him. Since Lakshmi, wife of Lord Vishnu was jealous of this bonding between the two, she turned tulsi into a plant. Nevertheless, Tulsi is praised and worshipped as a deity and an incarnation too. Some stories even suggest that Tulsi and Lakshmi was the same person. Tulsi has been considered progressive in the path of devotion and its glories are mentioned in devotional Hindu Literature and other similar works.

Tulsi has been given the position of the most holy and sacred plant in India. Fifty percent of the contribution is done by the Hindu religion and culture for its reasoning as mentioned above. The other half is covered by its uses and benefits that no other medicinal plant can match.

Along with its leaves, its stems, seeds and even the soil is treated holy and is given equal importance for the treatment of various health problems whether they are major or minor. Tulsi plant is found in every part of the country hence; a very important element in every house in India. Since, India is a secular nation there is no such rule that the Tulsi Plant shall only be used by people following Hindu religion. Everyone around the country find it useful irrespective of their religion in the field of medicine if not worshipping. The major reason behind this is simple. Tulsi plant is helpful in many areas. Whether it is minor fever, flue, cough or cold; or it is some major health issues such as kidney stones, bacterial infections, fungal infections, heart diseases, cancer, diabetes, Tulsi plant has always served its best to mankind in every household in India.

Chewing Tulsi leaves or having it with tea and milk can effectively cure fever, flues, cough and cold. It can even bring down the level of damage done by cholesterol. Not only does it help in curing diabetes but even controls the amount of insulin in blood. Relief from stress in day to day life can also be gained. The active ingredients of Tulsi work as anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents against free radicals produced by nicotine and cigarette smoke. Click here for more.


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