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Tulsi in Hindu mythology has been revered for more than five thousand years and it still is given the same position in every Hindu resident. Its history has been long and is considered as an ultimate healing for body, mind and spirit. It is regarded as the most sacred herb of all times and an important symbol in Hindu mythology. It is so holy and important in Hindu religion that of a house does not have a Tulsi plant then it is considered as incomplete. Its stems, leaves, seeds and even the soil are treated as holy elements. The real question behind all this arises is of the reason that why is Tulsi given so much importance in Hindu religion?

According to most modern stories related to Hinduism, Tulsi was the greatest devotee of Lord Vishnu. The bonding between the two was so powerful that she was even considered as his lover. Lord Vishnu’s wife, Lakshmi was jealous of this bonding between her husband and the other woman hence; she turned Tulsi into a plant. However, some theories even suggest that Tulsi and Lakshmi are two different names of the same person. Nevertheless, in Hinduism, Tulsi is worshipped as a deity and as an incarnation too. Worshipping Tulsi is considered progressive in the path of devotion. All such glories related to Tulsi are mentioned in devotional Hindu literature and related works in Hinduism.

Apart from its reference in Hindu mythology, Tulsi is also worshipped and considered holy and sacred because it is highly beneficial from the medical aspects. It is used for consuming internally and as an ailment helpful in lessening the effects of cancer, bacterial infections, cold, cough, fever, flues, etc. Not only does it help in lessening the effects of such medical issues but also helps in curing diseases permanently. Tulsi not only regulated the level of insulin in blood but also helps in curing diabetes. One of the major problems faced in our day to day life is of stress and depression. Chewing of tulsi leaves helps in curing this issue as well. The active ingredients of Tulsi act as anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agents against many medical problems such as flues and fever. 

Not only will it help you in getting rid of your kidney stones but is also great for your heart, blood and even brings down the level of cholesterol in body. You can either chew its leaves or have them with milk or tea as its antioxidants will help you combat free radicals produced by nicotine or cigarette smoke.

With all these benefits and a long history with Hindu mythology, Tulsi has remained as an important part in Hindu religion and has proved its importance to every individual in different forms.Click here to know more.


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