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In today’s hectic lifestyle of missed meals and constant rushing, snacks have become an integral part of life. Rushing from place to place, it is always a good idea to keep a snack in handy. Even on lazy Sundays with a heavy early brunch, snacks become a must.

However, snacks aren’t always healthy. In fact most of the products we consume on a daily basis may in fact be the cause of our many ailments. These products are highly processed, heavily fattening and unhealthy.

Since skipping snacks is not an option for some, switch over to homemade cookies! Here’s why:

Benefits of homemade cookies

  • They are made out of organic and natural ingredients. Ingredients chosen for homemade cookies  are naturally not over-processed and lacking in nutrients. While you could purchase a good chocolate cookie box, you can never quite be sure what went into it. Even if you did know, it would probably not be too healthy or light on your tummy.

  • They are health-friendly. Made out of the most organic ingredients, homemade cookies can be suited to your health taste and preference. For example, if you are looking to avoid constipation, you would probably select one that has higher fiber content.

  • They include foods that are difficult to consume otherwise but which are necessary. Ingredients include foods like ragi, ginger, oats etc., which are difficult to consume otherwise but are very good for health.
  • They are an easy snacking option.When hunger hits hard, it’s easier to have homemade cookies handy rather than making elaborate preparations. As a snack, cookies prove to be quite an easy option. Combine with milk and hunger pangs are history!
  • Allergies can be avoided. Since ingredients in homemade cookies almost never include preservatives and other chemicals, allergies are avoided. Besides this, you can always select a cookie option that does not include the food that you are allergic to.


  • Preference of eggless, vegan etc. can be easily catered to. Many of us are pure vegetarians or do not consume dairy or other such preferences. These are hard to satisfy with other kinds of cookies and snacks. But with homemade cookies, the choice can easily be made.
  • Rich in essential proteins. In our fast track lifestyle, we often miss out on essential proteins in pulses and other required foods. Homemade cookies are a convenient and tasty way of getting proteins into our systems. If you have a child who is not so fond of meals or regularly throwing tantrums at the table, homemade cookies can easily suffice for his/her needs as well.

While our snacking habits persist, switch over to healthy options such as homemade cookies! Click here  to go through more healthy snacks to suit your taste and health preferences.


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