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Pickles are superb edibles that are made by preserving and flavouring them in a solution of vinegar or brine. Most of the times pickles of vegetables or fruits are prepared. These can be relished after preparation. Some of the things of which pickles are usually prepared are mangoes, lemons, celery, cauliflower etc. These are known to add extra taste and spice up the food when taken along with the food.

The types of pickle that can leave us mouth watering are stated as follows

  • Indian pickles

Indian pickles are mostly prepared out of unripe fruits and vegetables. The fruits that are used in the Indian homes for this purpose are like mangoes, lemons, tamarinds etc and the vegetables used comprise of jackfruit, onions, ginger, garlic, carrots and loads of other vegetables. Frequently two or more fruits and vegetables are combined to form a single pickle. Non-vegetarians also prepare pickles from prawns, fishes, chicken and mutton which are equally mouth-watering.

  • Chinese pickles

Pickles have been famous in Asian countries like china too and people there prepare pickles out of carrots, cucumber, shallots, lettuce, cabbage etc. Along with the other vegetables the items stated above are added and immersed in a mixture of salt, sugar and vinegar. Eggs particularly of ducks are also used for making pickles by the Chinese people. Some methods of pickling include soy sauce for the process of fermentation instead of using vinegar. To add flavour to the pickles, ginger, garlic, chilli etc are also added.

  • Korean pickles

Kimchi is one of the common pickled items that are produced by the Koreans. Korean pickling methods has its roots in the Chinese pickling procedures but unlike Chinese who use cabbage for producing pickles, the Koreans use their local products and produce their own variations.

Benefits of pickle consumption

  • Pickles are a good source of antioxidants

As pickles are made up of unripe products, the antioxidants of the fruits and vegetables remain in the same state and thus these micronutrients help in fighting against the attack of the free radicals.

  • Pickles supply the body with the required vitamins and minerals

Apart from being appetizing it is an excellent means to give the required amount of vitamins and minerals to children who otherwise run away from consuming leafy vegetables or other nutritious products. Gaining vitamins and minerals are not the only benefits of consuming pickles, consuming pickles can help to build the immunity, strengthen the bones, cure anaemia etc.

Pickles have a hundreds of benefits but as they are made by the usage of an excess amounts of salt to add taste and to preserve the pickle but eating a lot of pickles too has its side effects. Thus everything should be consumed in limits. Click here for more details.


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