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Having a great set of pearly whites is good, but if those pearly whites are smelly ones, then there is a problem. It's not just enough to have a set of white teeth, there is no point in having white but a smelly mouth. People would run away from you. This is why it is always necessary that you clean your mouth completely, but many people forget this aspect of oral hygiene and focus only on the teeth. Yes, the teeth are important but so is the rest of your mouth. It's never too late to get free of that embarrassing bad breath, here are some sure shot oral hygiene tips to have both great breath and sparkly white teeth.

Say Bye To Bad Breath And Yellow Teeth:

  • Brush It, Brush It: Yes, the importance of brushing your teeth twice a day can never be emphasized more. It is of utmost importance that your brush your teeth twice a day. The bad breath is caused by degradation of food material in the mouth by bacteria. The bad breath is nothing but gases released during bacterial fermentation. So by brushing you get rid of the food as well kill off the bacteria. There, bad breath gone.
  • Proper Brushing: It's not enough to brush your teeth, you have brush it the right way. Cover all parts of your teeth leaving no place unbrushed. Keep brushing for a whole two minutes. See to it that the tap is off while you are brushing because water Is a precious resource and you shouldn't be wasting it!!

  • Use Good Brushes: Use brushes which have good bristles and go deep into the cavities between your teeth to remove hidden food particles.
  • Replace Your Brush: Always replace your brush every 3-4 months as the effectiveness of your brush goes down with age and constant use. Many people use a brush for years together, which is a leading cause of them not being able to get rid of bad breath.
  • Use Tongue Cleaners: Just like how you brush your teeth you need to also brush your tongue. Your tongue is a veritable source of food particles. So from now on every time you brush use a tongue scraper or tongue cleaner also.

  • Chew Sugar-Free Gum: Chewing sugar-free gum especially after meals has been seen to lead to increasing saliva secretion which makes the mouth acidic and helps degrade or kill any and all bacteria that may be present in your mouth at that time.
  • Diet And Smoking: Reduce sugary and acidic food as they are bad for your teeth. when they come in excess. Also, avoid smoking as it's not only bad for health but stains your teeth and gives you a smoky breath.

So go out and talk to your heart’s pleasure without worrying about bad breath by following these simple tips. To view some of our oral hygiene products visit here.


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