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Always loved nuts and fruits on the sweets? It’s just lovely these nuts and dry fruits adding those flavour in the sweets. In India, various delicacies of sweets contain various nuts and fruits like in barfi, halwas, etc. and is widely and famously being used in dals and in the dishes of India. These nuts and fruits not only provide you taste to the sweets but also provide you necessary nutrition and health benefits which are a total secret in the world. Let me tell you which nuts and dry fruits and nuts are used and tell its various health benefits that it provides to you.


Almonds being used since ancient times, are used in various delicacies and sweets in India, It has various health benefits too, as they are known to increase your memory levels by up to 25%. Rich in antioxidants, they are known for anti-ageing effects and to fight off various serious diseases such as cancer cells and various types of heart and lung diseases. Almonds are used in making barfi, or milk filled with almonds which are rich with nutritional benefits and are very famous in India and all parts of the world.


All of you might have heard of cashew barfi being filled up with cashew. It is a rich delicacy in India. Almost all of the people in the world knows the health benefits of cashews and knows it can help in the sharpening of memory power and it is extremely rich in zinc and iron. Oh, I have so much craving for those halwa of carrots garnished with cashews. Just, Yummy!


Don’t you just love the candies that are flavoured with coconuts. And not just that too, it has various health benefits too. It has an energizing flavour which refreshes your entire body. Not just for the body, the coconut has other uses too. The coconut shells are being used as various decoration pieces in Southern India.


The oil extracted from peanuts are being used in sweets to add flavour to the sweets. It is also being used in special delicate chocolates in the entire world by companies. It can truly add a special taste to the sweets with special nutritional benefits. It contains Vitamin E, molybdenum, phosphorous etc. Peanut chikkis and laddoos are eaten all over the world.

I hope you would have found this article too sweet and too healthy to try out each and every sweet listed in this article and eating these nuts and dry fruits in your daily life. Click here to check out various collections of dry fruits and nuts at exciting ranges of prices and discounts.


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