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It is a myth that eating sugar causes diabetes, it is the ‘added sugars’ which cause harm to our immune system. Intake of anything in large quantities is harmful for us. And so is in the case of diabetes, where sugar needs to be taken in a limited amount. It is not needed to cut sugar out of your diet completely but its usage must be minimal so as to keep yourself healthy. Too much of sugar is bad for teeth and one cannot always treat himself with sweets completely when diabetic.

Type1 Diabetes: In this the body doesn’t produce insulin, which leads to intake of insulin injections and medications throughout a patient’s entire life. Those suffering with this kind of diabetes need to have a balance diet in fact a diabetic diet and always keep a check on their sugar levels. There is no known cure for this kind of diabetes.

Type2 Diabetes: This is a common type of diabetes among people, where the body does not produce enough insulin. Type2 diabetes can be prevented but if not taken proper care it can turn into Type1 diabetes which can be fatal.

Here is how we can prevent Diabetes:

  • Sugar intake – To lead a healthy life, a diabetes patient should always keep a note on the amount of his sugar intake. He must not be an addict to sweets and sugar products. He needs to have a balanced diet to ensure his blood pressure is normal. Sugar is found naturally in fruit, vegetables and dairy foods. It’s also added to food and drinks by food manufacturers or by us at home. The debate about sugar and health is mainly around the ‘added sugars’. This includes: table sugar that we add to our hot drinks or breakfast cereal, castor sugar, used in baking and sugars hidden in sauces, ready meals, cakes and drinks.
  • Physically fit – One should exercise regularly in order to stay fit and healthy. Exercising not only decreases weight but also controls sugar levels. Both aerobic and indoor exercises prevent diabetes.

  • Diabetic Diet – Diet of a diabetic patient should contain a good amount of fibre and whole grains for proper functioning of the digestive system. One should have a balanced diet to live without medications. Whole grains contain certain vitamins and proteins which prevent diabetes.
  • Controlling weight – Weight is of utmost importance to a diabetic patient. Proper care must be taken ensuring no weight gain. Exercising regularly and controlling weight prevents diabetes and sugar levels remain constant.

  • Complete NO to sugar – You should not be saying a complete “no” to sugar. Sugar present in the fruits and vegetables we consume are a must for a healthy diet. So we need not cut down on these sugars rather be careful while consuming the “ added sugars” found in our drinks, yogurts, pasta sauces, beans etc. The fruit juices we love also contain sugar therefore one glass that is 150ml is enough for a day to remain healthy and control your sugar level.
  • Check the food labels – Food labels are the best way to keep an eye on the sugar content of the products. Then there are some products which do not mention ‘sugar’ particularly as an ingredient. In that case you need to check whether there are ingredients such as honey, sucrose, glucose, glucose syrup, dextrose, fructose, hydrolysed starch, corn and maize syrup as they are all added sugars. If you see any of these words on the ingredients list, you know sugar has been added. Carbohydrate content also needs to be marked.

To keep yourself fit and healthy, keep an eye on the food you take. Visit Joy by Nature for more details.


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