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Are you feeling really stressful these days? Do you get angry on small things without any reason and make a light conversation very drastic? Then you have to be aware. You may be suffering from high Blood Pressure. You sometimes don’t even realise that you are suffering from this disease and get trapped in many other diseases. Blood Pressure is caused due to the difference created in the pressure of blood in the arteries through which the blood passes from the heart to the body. Now the question arises, how to get rid of this disease?

Blood Pressure is one of the common diseases that can be noticed among different age groups. This can be caused due to many reasons. In this busy world, people prefer eating outside hence go for junk foods which are full of cholesterol and don’t exercise which ultimately invites many diseases like obesity hence blood pressure. Blood pressure is of two types, High Blood Pressure and Low Blood Pressure. Both are detrimental to your health. If not taken care of, then it can lead to many other heart related diseases which is even more dreadful. By ensuring some simple steps and herbal remedies you can easily keep it on a good track.

  • Say NO to junk

Stop eating junk foods and foods that have a high cholesterol level. It will not only help you in keeping yourself healthy but will also give you a chubby free persona and an elegant body structure.

  • Switch to hale and hearty wholesome diet

Adding some nutrition in your diet will help you in controlling this disease.

  • Garlic: This is one of the methods used since the past that is highly effective. It contains allicin which is useful for maintaining blood pressure. You can take it directly with food or can go for natural garlic supplements.

  • Cardamom: Cardamom is a warming spice that not only gives you flavour but also helps in proper blood circulation hence helps you fight against high blood pressure. You can go for ginger-cardamom
  • Omega 3 grub:

Food rich in omega 3 content helps in lowering the blood pressure and also helps in reducing the cholesterol level in your body.

  • Grapes:

The vitamins present in grapes help in toning up the blood vessels that results in proper flow of blood throughout the body.

  • Coconut water:

It is affluent in potassium and magnesium which helps in proper functioning of muscles hence helps the heart in proper pumping of blood without any problem.

  • Avoid eating too salty stuff

Cut away excess salt from your diet as excess salt gives invitation to high blood pressure 

  • Workout Daily

Exercise everyday to maintain a proper weight and reduce the excess fats which are harmful for health. Ultimately it will result in lowering the cholesterol level hence reducing the blood pressure.

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