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In this world there are many people who are suffering from various kinds of diseases. Out of the whole lot, I would like to throw informative light on Asthma. Anyone who is suffering from this problem don’t have the full information about it are unable to get treated properly. First of all this can happen to anyone belonging to any age group, secondly without a proper expert’s advice you should not take medications. This is very important even if you are suffering from the same element. All the things have to be considered like pollution, Respiratory Infection, and allergies from certain food or certain medications.

Having said that it is very easy to get Asthma under controlled, if only one follows the medication properly, which are:


Honey is one of the most pure forms of Natural Edible Food element which is being used for various kinds of medication process since ages. Some of the ways that it can be used are-

  • Honey strengthens the immune system, which helps us to stay away from all kinds of respiratory problems.
  • The glucose part of Honey is easily absorbed in our body & this helps us to stay energetic for a long period of time.
  • The medicinal properties also reduce the chances of common ailments like cough & cold.
  • Special compounds like- Magnesium, Manganese, Amino- Acids & other important Vitamins helps the lungs to get cleared of various blockages in the lungs.

Ginger Tea:

This is a very Natural Component which is used in various kinds of food & Herbal Tea due to its medicinal values. Most of the people in India have the habit of drinking at least two cups of tea daily. So I don’t think it would be wrong to include Ginger Tea in your diet because it has medicinal components like- Gingerols, Shogaols, Zingerones.  These compounds have special anti- inflammatory properties which are very effective for Asthma.


Mustard Oil:

Mustard Oil is very Natural Substance can be used with various other components to treat Asthma. All the materials are very easily readily available. So inculcating them in your daily diet won’t be difficult at all. Like – for instance when it is used with Camphor then the procedure is:

  • Mix 1 tsp of oil with the same amount of Camphor.
  • Then massage the mixture on your chest.
  • Then start breathing, allowing the mixture to do the trick. As when it enters your lungs, the medication process starts its work.


Garlic Capsules is very good for Asthma patients. It is found that the Vitamin C which is very rich in it can easily breakdown a harmful element known as Histamine. This chemical is the main root cause of most of the Respiratory Diseases. So I would recommend including this in your diet without suffering or staying away from your favorite food.

So I am now very confident that all the readers will be very glad to know that actually it is not at all difficult to cure Asthma.


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