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Kill bad breath using natural ways. By using wide variety of these products daily, you can have a fresh breath and a cleaner mouth naturally. These ways are also known to kill germs present inside our mouth. Take some time to rewind a few moments of your life, when you must have encountered a person with “bad breath”. Every wondered if you had the same “bad breath” and people make fun of you behind your back. Horrifying, isn’t it? Well we can tell you some natural remedies to tackle bad breath. Usually, bad breaths are caused by germs in your mouth. So, here are some remedies to finish off these germs and get rid of the nametag “bad breath” permanently in your life.


From ancient times, cinnamon has been used to cure bad breaths. Upon asking our elders, they always say that cinnamon is the best way to cure bad breath. It is true, as cinnamon contains aldehyde, as it not only reduces the germs in your mouth but also gives you a fresh mouth. You can chew it directly or can boil a tablespoon of them and use it as a mouth rinse.


Fennels are other miraculous things that can kill off these bacteria easily. Just chew a tablespoon of fennels and there you go; a fresh mouth with no bacteria or germs. You will feel fresh. There are several ways that you can use fennel for fresh breath. Usually it is preferred to drink fennel tea.


Ah, the fragrance of parsley leaves is just too refreshing. As it contains chlorophyll, it can be used to get rid of bad breath. Just juice it in the grinder or simply chewing on the parsley leaves can get rid of the smell-causing germs and not to mention, it is so refreshing. Mother Nature cares for us(it really does).


Surprised? Well, cloves are known to kill bacteria in your mouth and giving you a fresh breath. Cloves have antibacterial properties, which can help you get a clean mouth and kill the bacteria.

You should try out these natural remedies to have a clean and bad breath and of course to have a good impression. Till then, we will always be there for your rescue.


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