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A healthy digestive system is essential for a healthy living. Our body should have the ability to absorb the food we take in. There are various reasons why a digestive system could be floundering, but the most common issue is with the restricted bowel movement. Bowel movement is the final stage of passage in a digestion system’s tract which is responsible for the discharge of waste products in the form of a stool. A restricted bowel movement will cause irregularities and discomfort, both which affects our food intake and its absorption.


Bowel movements are associated with body clock. They work fine for a person who follows a regular bathroom routine. In an irregular schedule, they get affected immediately and will not work well. So, a person can take a dump whenever he wants, but a strict schedule has to be followed for it work well. On an average, bowel movements work fine for a frequency of anywhere between one to three days.

Fluid intake

For easy bowel movements, there has to be sufficient level of fluid intake. The most necessary fluid is the water. Reducing water consumption will therefore affect the bowel movement. Fluids like fruit juices and energy drinks will also help improve bowel movements. Carbonated water or soda may be detrimental to good bowel.


Restricted bowel movements are among many negative consequences of stress. Whether the stress is chronic or sporadic, the bowels get disrupted and results in discomfort and constipation. Emotional stress can change the nature of diet by changing the appetite. Uncontrolled changes to diet has been proven to have detrimental effects on bowel health. Other form of stress such as excess fluid intake, laxatives and over-fiber diet can also affect the bowel instead of heeling it.

Unhealthy diet

A balanced diet is the key to good overall body health. Constipation could be a result of an unhealthy diet practice. Optimum levels of fiber and fluid is essential to keep the bowel in good condition. Excess carbohydrates and fats may pose greater risks of restricting the bowel.


Bowel can be stimulated by keeping a good level of activity. Hyper activity may cause internal damages to bowel and thereby deter its natural movements. Lack of any activity can cause the bowel to grow rigid and hence result in poor movements.

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