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Its every lady’s dream to have the perfect skin which is smooth, supple and glowing. For getting this dream skin various people follow various routines and in the process use many products which may contain synthetic ingredients which in the long run can be more harmful than beneficial for your skin. Thus it seems a wise trade off to abandon your synthetic skin care products and choose organic instead. It is not so difficult to switch to organic !!

Why Organic?

There are numerous reasons as to why we should prefer an organic skin care routine, here some of the top reasons.

  • Safe To Use: There is nothing more safe than organic products for whatever purpose you need especially skin care. They contain no added toxic substances and contain ingredients which are 10% organic in origin.

  • Gentle: These product unlike their synthetic counterparts are very gentle on the skin and thus doesn't erode the natural oils and beauty of the skin. On the other hand synthetic products tend to be very harsh.
  • Natural Nourishment: They contain substances which additionally help in nurturing the skin and keeping it healthy and young. But it may not show results as fast as their synthetic counterparts.

5 Simple Tips To Make You Go Organic:

  • First Find Some Organic Products Skin Care Products: The first task is to find your perfect organic product. Here it is necessary that you do a little bit of research because many times there have been cases of products claiming to be organic actually containing synthetic ingredients. So choose products from a reputable company, always read the labels and the certifications. If its FDA certified then awesome!!
  • Make A Simple Routine : You don't have to use every product that people say every day. A simple skin care routine of a cleanser, moisturizer and a very good sunscreen would go a long way in keeping your skin problems at bay.

  • Petroleum Based Products Are A Strict NO NO!! : Petroleum by products like mineral oil and paraffin are present in many products that we use. These are bad in the long run as they contain carcinogens and usually play a role in clogging pores making it difficult for the skin to eliminate its toxins.
  • Live Healthy: Have a healthy lifestyle that includes routine exercise of any kind that makes you sweat an thereby open your pores so that your skin can breathe. Have good proportions of food preferably organic and include food which are rich in all nutrients. That is have an organic balanced diet.
  • Hydrate Well : Last but not the least hydrate yourself with plenty of water. Water helps maintain your skins natural moisture and also keeps the skin firm and smooth. This one of the million benefits that water can do to our body. It is truly an wonder liquid.

So are you convinced and ready to go organic? It is simple, easy and healthy. If you wish to see some of our organic products visit Joy by Nature.


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