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Energy drain takes away a lot more from us than we realize. The energy drain results in loss of sleep, constant fatigue and irritation, lack of interest in activities that we once used to enjoy, loss of appetite, feeling sleepy through the day, loss of concentration, disorganization in life and work etc. Most of the time people don’t realize what has suddenly gotten to them and feel that these things are happening because they are busy immersing themselves in their work and a little rest will put them back on track. What people don’t realize is that if not paid attention to on time; these may lead to medical conditions.

There are various ways to jump back into the circle of a positive, healthy and energetic life through some very easy ways. These include a healthy dose of nutritious food, certain health supplements, exercise and much more.


The word work out brings a collective groan from the readers. Work out when we have no energy!!! Well, contradicting the common belief; exercise actually rejuvenates us. Exercise causes our heart to pump more oxygen in our body making us feel more energized. A regular routine of exercise puts our body in a habit of movement causing our heart to work better resulting in an improved blood circulation.

Health Supplements:

Health supplements help our body to revitalize and thus fill in on more energy to not only get through the day but to make the most of it.

Eating Right:

A major mistake most people do is to deny themselves of food when the body needs it the most. Having a healthy and filling breakfast; a moderate lunch and a light dinner helps the body draw sufficient energy for the day. Also the correct amount of healthy snacking helps the body to refill energy from time to time.

Energy Drinks:

Natural energy drinks help relax and regain energy instantly when you need it immediately. These are easy to carry around and usually only need to be mixed with water or milk and are a great source of instantaneous energy.

Getting Out:

Getting out more in the morning sun, getting fresh air helps the body to increase the endorphin levels which releases a positive feeling in the body; helps in relaxation and also regulating sleep. The body derives vitamin D from natural sun light responsible for the release of these endorphins while also helping rejuvenate our skin.

Adequate Sleep:

The human body requires an average 7 hours of sleep every day; where in getting more or lesser sleep causes drowsiness, lack of concentration, fatigue etc. among other things. Good habits like going to bed every day at the same time, meditating before getting to bed, avoiding sleeping in etc. help us to keep the balance of energy throughout the day.

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