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Our body is a chemical factory where thousands of chemical reactions can take place in a single time. Immunity is the body’s natural defense mechanism against harmful agents that invade the body. Our lifestyle determine our strength for immunity since it acquires nutrients from the food that we consume and breaks them down depending on the level of activity. There are food products with nutrients essential to boost our immunity. Also, there are certain dos and don’ts that we can follow for aiding it.


Better mind means better health. Such a fact can be confirmed by stress with otherwise adverse effects. Our mind is the body’s command center for both voluntary and involuntary functions. As soon as it comes under stress, the bodily functions, along with the immunity system, shifts into chaotic patterns. Stress can be avoided with meditation and progressive life-style changes.

Exercise and weight loss

Immune system is made up of number of individual cells. Its effectiveness depends on how well balanced the cells are. Exercise is essential to keep the immune system in a balanced state. Excess of fat tissues produced near the abdomen region affects its balance and results in a weakened immunity system. Fat also brings forth the risk of pro-inflammatory cells which gets transposed by blood to different parts of the body and subsequently results in inflammation related disorder. Hence, weight gain has to be kept in check and balanced with optimum food intake and regular exercises.

Tobacco and alcohol

It has been proven that long term consumption of alcohol and tobacco bear long term effects on mind and body’s well-being. Exhaustion, which caused immediately after consumption, will inhibit the balance by thrusting enormous amount of toxins all across the body. Chronic consumption will cause prolonged effects of inhibition such as inefficient absorption of nutrients, loss of immune cells, increased risks of pneumonia and cancer related disorders.


There are various natural food products like ginger, garlic, mushrooms and herbs which contain essential nutrients for supporting immune systems. To boost immunity, synthesized medicinal supplements like probiotics can be consumed along with regular diet. Various nuts, fruits and vegetables contain sufficient traces of nutritional qualities required for strengthening the immunity system amongst others. Adequate water should be consumed to keep the body well-hydrated and thereby provide necessary fluid base for chemical functions.

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