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Hearing is one of the most important senses amongst the other sensory organs present in our body. As we all know it is visual, tactile, taste, smell and hearing. And gradual loss in hearing power comes with aging and exposure to noise above the normal decibel. It is not just the physical factor that harms in hearing ability, the nutrients and vitamins play their role too.

Due to improper consumption of nutrients and supplements, it has led to damages way beyond repair. Not many of us know about the nutrient’s role played in improving hearingWe have auditory aiding materials which can be fixed externally and carried along. That doesn’t necessarily making the hearing sharp but a definite improvement can be seen. You can easily bid goodbye to these futuristic scenarios by the safest and nature’s way.

  • Zinc: This component is very well known to boost the immune system and maintain the prostates in good shape; its subtle underlying factor that is always overlooked is its ability to maintain hearing. Miniscule consumption of zinc capsule (twice a day) reduces the chances of getting tinnitus. Tinnitus is an acoustic condition which allows the considered person to hear a constant ringing or buzzing. You can look for sufficient zinc content from sea platter; especially oyster and shrimps. Quality supplements can also be consumed.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids: They are well known for keeping your heart geared and lubricated for smooth functioning; these healthy fats play an important role in minimizing acoustic damages. One serving of fatty fish can reduce the symptoms of age-related hearing loss. When hearing loss comes with age, it cannot be related to the functioning of the acoustic of the ear but in fact related with the function of the brain. Omega 3 fatty acids help in betterment of receiving signals and sending signals from brain to ear. These healthful fats keep your brain healthy and lubricated and reduce inflammation in affected zones.
  • N-Acetyl Cysteine: Commonly known as NAC; extremely helpful in relieving the stress due to exercise and even prevent cancer from growing further. Consumption of B-Acetyl Cysteine does not completely minimize the effect due to hearing loss but can minimize the effect on ears due to prolonged exposure to noise. Healthy and quality supplements comprising NAC are always welcomed. Can be recommended for people who are exposed to sharp pitched noise.
  • Vitamin A: The immune system boosting vitamin; the vitamin which has all round effect on us humans has to be this gem of a vitamin. Vitamin A has always proved to be efficient being it in the immune system category or be it the visionary impairment or be it maintaining the consistency of blood thickness, Vitamin A has always helped the damsel in distress. It is no surprise if they could minimize the hearing loss. They can reduce the loss in hearing by 50 percent but the effect lasts for five years. Talk about long term effects, vitamin A tops the list. Small consumption of vitamin A everyday can improve in smaller gradients. Can be consumed through carrots, which happens to be the richest source of vitamin A, but supplements of quality and genuine products can also be consumed under the guidance of doctors.

Consumption of all these mineral supplements does help in preventing or at least minimizing the effects due to hearing lossBe it due to long exposure to shrilly noise or be it due to aging, consumption of the right supplement always proves to be helpful. Please make it a point have monthly or quarterly check-ups with the doctor concerned and go ahead with the supplements. This can be recommended for people who have acoustic aids as well; knowing the root cause of your auditory problem you can go ahead with the concerned supplement with the prescribed dosage after checking with your doctor. Exercising your ear, especially yoga can improve the connections between ear and brain. This can be practiced by people who suffer hearing loss due to age.

Upon consuming it is a gradual recovery process; and not a miracle that can happen overnight. Appropriate consumption of the supplements at appropriate amounts can definitely improve hearing ability over a long run.

We have all heard of this common saying “prevention is better than cure”. Keeping yourself fit physically and mentally as well can prevent most of the age-related issues. Take in the supplements and prevent yourself from the abyss of hearing loss.


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