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Organic Amla is one of the magical wonder which nature has bestowed upon man as a ‘cure all ‘or panacea for almost all health issues. Regularuse of organic amla enhances health and prevents various diseases and health complications. Amla fruit enjoys a special place in Ayurveda, as a nurturing food, that is credited with a number of health benefits. In the Ayurvedic tradition, the fruit forms an integral part of medicinal preparations that are used to support wellness and healthy aging. Amla is known for its medicinal and nutritional properties. It is the richest source of vitamin C among fruits. In India, Amla is consumed widely as it is used for making pickles, murrabba, chutney, jams and much more. Not only the fruit of Amla is useful, but its leaves, seeds are also having medicinal properties making it really a versatile wonder plantin children, amla stimulates appetite, thus enhancing their metabolism and helping them gain weight. Medical studies conducted on amla fruit suggest that it has antiviral properties and also functions as an antibacterial and anti-fungal agent. Amla is believed to increase energy, and is considered to be one of the strongest herbs in Ayurvedic medicine with rejuvenating and revitalizing properties. It is the primary ingredient used in one of the renowned Ayurvedic herbal formulae, called Chayavanprasha which has great respect as a tonic.


Health Benefits of Amla:


  1. Cures Sore Throat And Cold: Amla is a rich source of natural Vitamin C. Consuming raw amla daily helps to cure sore throat and cold. It can also be mixed with honey and can be given to children. Amla helps to expel body toxins. Regular use of amla in the form of powder, juice or raw fruit helps to detoxify body, retard aging process and boosts body immunity.
  2. Reduces Constipation: Daily consumption of raw amla reduces constipation problem, as it is rich in fibers and acts as a gentle laxative. But consumption of raw amla as powder is considered more effective in curing constipation than having it in juice .It also helps in preventing indigestion and flatulence, which may lead to stomach ache in children and even in adults. Regular consumption of amla is very good for your stomach, as it balances the acids levels of stomach and thus improving digestion.


  1. Heals Mouth Ulcers: Amla juice which is rich in Vitamin C is the best solution for frequent mouth ulcers. Dilute the amla juice in half a cup of water. Gargle with this mixture daily for best results. It is the best chemical free anti-bacterial mouth wash, which can be used for children and adults. It is safe without any side effects and can be used regularly lifelong.
  2. Heals Arthritis Condition: Amla is the best medicine for reducing arthritis pain. It has anti-inflammatory properties which help in reducing the swelling and joint pain of knees caused due to arthritis. You will get best results by consuming raw amla or amla juice daily in the morning. Being rich in Vitamin C, Amla is easily absorbed by the body. It helps in regulating the 3 main elements of body as per in Ayurveda, Pittha, Kapha, Vatam.
  3. Cures Sleeping Disorder: Amla is proved to relive the nervous system and muscles of the body, thus relieving stress and therefore cure sleep disorders like insomnia. It also improves Eyesight and also reduces reddening, itching and watering in eyes. Mix 2 teaspoons of amla juice in half a cup of water and drink it every morning. Amla strengthens the lungs, the respiratory system and the central nervous system of your body.


  1. Good for skin and hair: Amla helps in removing toxins from the body. Consumption of alcohol, pain killers, medicines etc regularly increases the buildup of large amount of toxins in our body. Amla helps in maintaining the proper functioning of liver and bladder, and get rid of toxins. Amla is the powerhouse of anti-oxidants and thus helps in fighting off free radicals in your body. Daily consumption of raw amla or juice reduces the risk of many serious diseases including cancer.


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