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Soybean is referred to as the most protective bean composed of 40 percent protein. It is one among the five holy crops that belongs to the family of legumes. “Soy protein” refers to the protein found in soybeans, which is often used to replace the animal proteins in an individual's diet. Soybean is the only vegetable food that contains all eight essential amino acids.


  1. Prevents Cardiovascular Problems


Soyabean helps to lower LDL (bad) cholesterol. It also has positive impact on blood fats, such as the lowering of triglycerides and total cholesterol or the raising of HDL cholesterol (the "good" cholesterol). Soyasaponins lessens the rate of lipid peroxidation in blood vessels, which further lessens absorption of cholesterol from the GI tract, and increases the excretion of fecal bile acids. Thus, these contribute to a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease.


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  1. Anti Cancer

Whole soy foods are known to prevent cancer. Genistein (an isoflavone phytonutrient in soy) increases the activity of a tumor suppressing protein called p53, which is programmed to cause cell death (apoptosis) in cancer cells, and it also helps to trigger cell cycle arrest. Genistein has also been shown to block the activity of protein kinases that helps to slow tumor formation, especially in the case of breast and prostate cancer.


  1. Helpful in Hot Flashes

Hot flashes are common symptoms of menopause. They cause great suffering and affect mood throughout the day and especially impair concentration.  Soy protein genistein is known to prevent it and to lessen the occurrence.


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  1. Bone Health Benefits

Soy intake improves bone health in the area of bone mineral density by decreasing in the number of cross-linked telopeptides and bone specific alkaline phosphatase. Additionally, it lowers the rate of osteoporosis with increased intake of whole soy foods, especially fermented whole soybean foods. Soybeans are also a source of vitamin K, a much-needed nutrient with respect to bone health. Also the soy protein is a plant protein, which fundamentally supports of bone more than animal proteins.


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  1. Prevents Obesity

Some studies on unique peptides (protein-like components) in soy show the ability of this peptides to decrease the synthesis of SREBPs (sterol regulatory element binding proteins), which thereby helps to decrease the synthesis of certain fatty acids as well as depositing of these fatty acids in the fat cells.


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  1. Provides Vitamin K

Sufficient intake of vitamin K is associated with decreased risk of osteoporosis, since this vitamin is involved with maintenance of bone mineral density. Soybeans, especially the fermented ones are very good source of vitamin K. The good bacteria from fermented soy foods remains alive in our digestive tract many days after their consumption and keep providing us with vitamin K benefits.


  1. Rich in Protein

    Soya bean is the richest plant source of protein. It contains 43 percent protein as compared to other legumes, which contain 20-25 percent protein and soya protein also of the highest quality. Most plant proteins are considered "incomplete" proteins because they lack one or more essential amino acids. However, all essential proteins are more than sufficient in soybeans than in other beans, and therefore soy protein is equivalent to animal or milk protein in quality.


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  1. Provides Fiber

    One serving of soybeans provides approximately eight grams of dietary fiber. And, some soy foods are processed in ways that decrease the fiber content significantly. Tofu and soymilk contain very little fiber, while other soy foods that utilize the whole bean such as tempeh, soy flour and textured soy protein are high in fiber.


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Thus add this protein rich food in your diet to avail its benefits. It has can be consumed in its various forms such as soy flour, soy milk, cottage cheese like tofu or  fermented products like tempeh and miso.


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