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Owing to the hectic lifestyle and long sitting hours at one place, one does not get time to work out and thus, lose weight. So, it becomes all the more essential to bring dietary changes. These are mandatory as they help in aiding good digestion. A good digestion boosts the metabolic rate of the body, which further paves way for weight loss. So, here are a few ingredients, which help in boosting metabolism. If they are incorporated in your diet, they will surely help you in losing weight. Just choose a few of your favourite ingredients and flaunt your slim look wherever you go.

  1. Almonds

Well, we generally avoid nuts due to their fat content. However, several researchers have found that nuts, especially almonds are good for weight loss. This is so because they contain essential fatty acids, which boost the metabolism rate of the body. This metabolism rate further aides weight loss. You can also try walnuts in place of almonds.

Almonds are known for boosting memory power too. To know how, click here.

  1. Coconut Oil

This is a multipurpose ingredient for sure. It is not only good for skin and hair but is also widely used in cooking. It contains good fats, which do not get deposited in the body and thus, aide digestion. Good digestion boosts the metabolic rate of the body, resulting in weight loss.

  1. Cucumbers

Cucumbers are great for treating water retention in the body, which is one of the major reasons behind weight loss. Due to it high water content, it flushes out toxins from the body, thus improving bowel movement. A good bowel movement thus eases the process of metabolism. Besides, cucumbers are rich in various vitamins, nutrients and fibre and therefore, are very low in calorie content.

  1. Green Tea

Green tea is listed in the category of superfoods these days. It prevents skin ageing and promotes weight loss too. Green tea contains a substance called EGCG, which is used in several weight loss pills. Instead of consuming it through pills, it is best to take it naturally. Intake of green tea flushes out toxins from the body, thus speeding up metabolic rate of the body.

Green tea can also be used in treating puffy eyes and under eye dark circles. To know more about it, click here.

  1. Lemon

Citrus based substances are known for cutting fat, therefore lemon is a great ingredient to lose weight. Having juice of half lemon with a tablespoon of honey in lukewarm water can be of great help. It cleans your body from inside, thus boosting the process of metabolism. And, once it comes on track, fat gets burned easily, paving way for speedy weight loss.

Lemon is known as a skin lightening agent as well. It helps in giving you a glowing and fairer complexion.

  1. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is rich is fibre content. What fibre does to your body is that it makes you feel full. It sends signals to your brain that you do not want to eat more. This way you do not feel hungry for long hours, thus reducing your diet. The reduction in diet further aides weight loss. Also, several studies have shown that oatmeal is known for reducing the level of cholesterol due to its fibre content.

  1. Spices

Yes, spices too help in weight loss. This is so because they are really helpful in boosting the metabolic rate of the body. Spices produce heat in the body, which quickly burns up calories in the body. Once calories are burned quickly, weight loss becomes easier to achieve. Some of the spices, which are really good for digestion are black Pepper, clove, garlic and cinnamon. A regular intake of them in your diet does not only add flavour to your meal but also helps in losing those flabs. So, say yes to spices without any hesitation.


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