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Cereals have been a cornerstone of human meals. They provide us with massive amounts of nutrients which are just perfect to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle. Organic cereals online have become a great popularity among all members of the family since everyone likes to have a healthy lifestyle.  Organic cereals have a great amount of properties to them as well which include:

High source of energy

Organic cereals are able to provide almost 30% of the total calories needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Organic cereals have started to become the most widely consumed caloric food in the world. Organic cereals also do not cost so much compared to fruits and meat so developing countries tend to rely on them for their daily intake of calories.

High mineral content

In organic cereals, there tends to be a very amount of magnesium, potassium and calcium available. All of which are mandatory for maintaining a perfect functioning body. The sulfates and phosphates of these minerals cover 95% of the total nutrient value in organic cereals. The phylates present in the minerals considerably reduce the activity of iron absorption in the body. Organic cereals tend to have a larger supply of phytates as compared to inorganic cereals. Organic cereals also tend to contain average quantities of zinc, copper, and manganese. Cereals do not generally contain a lot of calcium and iron with the exception of Ragi which contains adequate quantities of both.  Organic cereals like Ragi and millets tends to have a very high amount of fiber and mineral content

Anti cancer qualities

Many organic cereals tend to reduce the chances of breast cancer. This is because these cereals are high in phytosterols or the other plant based steroids and plant estrogen which regulate the hormone estrogen. Phytosterols  binds to the estrogen receptors which are present in the tissues of the breast and blocks of human estrogen which is one of the main causes of breast cancer. Colon cancer can also be cured if a proper intake of organic cereal can be maintained due to its high fiber nature. Phytosterols increase the stool movement through the intestines and constrict the re-absorption time of the estrogen to the blood through the colon wall.


Fights against constipation

Organic cereals contain large doses of insoluble and soluble fibers including cellulose, pectin, and hemicelluloses. In inorganic cereals, these get destroyed during processing so it is advised to eat organic cereals. These nutrients cure constipation troubles. Cereals also effectively improve peristalsis present in the intestines and increase the bulk processing of the stool.  This keeps your excretory tract clean and healthy. The fiber content in the organic cereals also tends to decrease the speed of glucose secretion from food. By doing this, the blood sugar levels are maintained properly.

How is organic cereal better than normal cereals?

Organic cereals are much better than normal cereals due to the fact that they contain totally natural nutrient and no amount of chemicals have been added to them to make them grow faster., the natural processing of these cereals are a great boon for children since they get all the nutrients just the way nature intended them to.  Without the harmful effects or chemicals and pesticides etc present these are organic cereals are much better than normal cereals.


 Organic Cereals

Huge supply of protein

Proteins are present in the various tissues of the cereal grain. The areas of scutellum, embryo and alleurone layer are especially rich in proteins. The protein available in the organic cereals is extremely elastic and have mobile properties. Cereals usually have 6 to 12% protein content. The protein percentage varies from cereal to cereal, but they all have a minimum amount of 6% protein which is higher than the inorganic cereals. Organic cereals are also known to be able to reduce the risk of multimorbidity.

Rich source of vitamins

People suffering from Vitamin B complex can consume the needed amount through organic cereals. Organic cereals tend to have a higher quantity of vitamin B since most processed cereals lose a high quantity of the vitamin B.  These cereal grains also have a rich supply of vitamin E, particularly protease, amylase, lipases and oxido-reductases.

One of the main reasons for going for organic cereals is the fact that through processing cereals tend to lose the nutrient value severely. To ensure that the amount of nutrient is intact, you need to go for organic cereals. They are a great addition to your everyday meals. Organic cereal ingredients tend to be fresh and without any harmful pesticides or chemicals being used in their processing. This helps in making sure that even the young kids in your house are not subjected to any kind of harmful ingredients.

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