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Do you know what is vegetable butter or pear butter? It is the rich Avocado oil which is now considered as a hidden treasure. The benefits of Avocado oil are yet to be discovered.

You will be surprised to know that most of the oils which we use in our country are not the best choice. Superb advertisements mislead the consumers and we make poor choices. Most of the vegetable oils which we use in our kitchen have high rancidity and imbalance of fatty acids. At times we compromise our health with the taste and stop respecting our body. Avocado oil is truly one of the best findings of modern world.

This wonder liquid was originally extracted for the cosmetic world. Today we have reaped innumerable benefits which make avocado oil the wonder liquid.

Nutrients in Avocado oil for our skin

  • Sterolin: Avocado oil contains good quantities of sterolin. Sterolin compound reduces age spots and makes our skin supple.
  • Proteins and fats: Proteins and fats are very strong and beneficial agents for our skin. Avocado oil contains Omega 3 oil which is also found in fish oil. Good fat and high proteins in this wonder oil makes your skin supple and soft.
  • Antioxidants: Oil of Avocado has a high percentage of anti oxidants which heals the skin due to sun damage. Anti oxidants in form of Vitamin A, D and E in the oil protects our skin from dryness due to age.

Lecithin and potassium in Avocado oil is good for our hair and skin.

Why is Avocado good for our skin

Avocado oil does wonder for our skin. It benefits our skin because avocado oil increases the production of collagen. Collagen is the connective protein layer which is found in the deeper layer of dermis which binds our skin. The collagen production reduces when we age. A young skin has the maximum levels of collagen.

Avocado oil application increases the collagen production this results reversing the signs of aging. Collagen starts breaking when we age, however with regular use of avocado oil the collagen breakdown stops and new tissues start developing.

The reason of collagen breakdown is due to sun damage, poor nutrition and various environmental factors. Avocado oil can treat our skin problems and delay wrinkles thus reversing the signs of aging.

For good collagen production it is very important to take healthy nutritious diet. Avocado fruit when eaten raw provide proteins and vitamins essential for our body. The cold pressed olive oil or extra virgin olive oil when eaten with salads provide the necessary nutrition for a healthy skin.

Avocado oil as a face moisturizer

All over the supermarket you will find variety of face moisturizing creams and lotions. Every lotion screaming at you and promising complete hydration. Have you every glanced at the ingredient list? You will see over dose of chemicals which are derivatives of petrochemicals.

Avocado oil has a property of moisturizing skin and can work as a natural mositurizer. This wonder oil can do wonders in your kitchen as well as work as a face moisturizer. The cold pressed avocado oil treats skin problems like blackheads, acne, psoriasis and eczema. This oil diminishes your age spots too!

 Let’s learn how avocado oil can be applied easily and effectively:

  • Avocado oil application is exactly the same how we apply moisturizer to our skin. With very clean hands we dab the oil on a cotton bud and spread it evenly on our face. Make sure you have washed your face with your face wash and let some water stay on your face. This way the avocado oil will be eavenly spread.
  • You will feel oiliness on your skin for some time. In next 15 to 20 minutes the oil is barely noticeable. You can now clean your face with adamp cloth or with wet wipes.

Do this daily for the natural moisturization. The oil works best on you if applied before going to bed.


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