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Have you ever heard of the Guggul tree? Chances are you haven’t, yet it is one of the oldest known shrubs to be used medicinally. It has been a component of numerous Ayurvedic treatments for centuries. But only recently has its many health claims and benefits been studied much more closely from a scientific perspective. And the studies have more or less confirmed what has been known for quite a long time – Guggul tree and its derivatives can provide a whole host of nutritional advantages if added to the human diet.

Guggul is the common name of Commiphora mukul, a small flowery and thorny tree that is native to India. Unlike a lot of other herbs and shrubs, the Guggul tree grows in relatively arid climates of Gujarat and Rajasthan. Guggul is also the name conferred to the resin derived from the sap of the tree and it is this part of the tree that finds use in numerous herbal treatments and also as Guggul Extract.

Now that you’ve heard more about what Guggul is, it is time to go over its myriad health benefits for the human body which are listed below:-

  1. It can lower cholesterol and improve the quality of blood

Guggul has been known to be very healthy for the heart since a long time but now we can pinpoint its effect on the cardiovascular system. Guggul has shown effectiveness in lowering overall drop in cholesterol levels, meaning that it ensures that arteries remain free from plaque and blockages.

It also works if you wish to purify your blood and rid it of toxins. Not only this, Guggul can actually help in strengthening your arteries making them supple and strong, thereby reducing the pressure on them and improving blood circulation all over the body.

  1. It can kill cancerous tumours

It is amazing that a little thorny plant that grows in the middle of the desert can have cancer fighting properties, but that is what Guggul indicates. Two compounds found in Guggul are together classified as guggulsterones, and these compounds equip Guggul with the power to fight cancer.

Recent studies have shown that guggulsterones are capable of inducing the death of cancerous prostate cells, thus helping in protecting against this rampant form of cancer which is rapidly becoming the biggest danger to male health. Another study, conducted on mice, has shown encouraging results as Guggul greatly retarded the growth of skin cancer.

  1. It can ease joint pains

Guggul is capable of relieving the stress and pain suffered by patients of joint problems, including osteoarthritis. Not only does Guggul clear out the toxins that accumulate in the joints causing the pain, they also rejuvenate the tissues in the joints and improve their functionality. Its anti-inflammatory effect also helps in reversing the damage done to joints and tissues due to old age.

  1. It is a boon for the digestive system

If you’re one of those people who are always struggling with digestive problems or excess weight gain, Guggul can be a valuable addition to your diet. Guggul works wonders for the digestive tract – it promotes the secretion of digestive juices, it ensures that oils and fats in your food are properly digested, it helps in the movement of the food through the alimentary canal, prevents constipation and also acts as an appetizer.

Guggul is a wonderful shrub that carries with it a bunch of great nutrients. Still, a few precautions must be kept in mind before consuming it – in some people, it can cause headaches, nausea or rashes on the skin. If you experience such symptoms, discontinue it instantly and consult your physician. Also, people who are suffering from a thyroid condition should also refrain from using Guggul as it has a tendency to stimulate the thyroid gland. Apart from that, everyone can use Guggul and enjoy its amazing health benefits!

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