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A hot summer day, long day in office, never ending work and a meeting to attend? Even after listening to this statement all my energies drain out of my system. Imagine when somebody has to go through this!


All you need is a short dose of energy booster drink. Is this drink possible? Yes it is! Here we are not talking about the caffeine filled drinks or the exorbitantly sugar laden drinks that does help you but for a short duration.


We can give our body a high energy dose going a natural way! So get rid of energy crash by choosing some of these natural energy drinks.


Not just any Green Tea!

Go for Matcha Green tea it contains L-Theanine which will boost your energy levels. Matcha is a finely processed green tea. The tea plants are grown in shade so there is very less oxidation and the antioxidants are stored in the plant.

This particular Green Tea fortifies your metabolism. So no more energy flump!

Here is a great way to prepare a high energy drink using Matcha Green Tea.

To one cup of water add a teaspoon of organic maple syrup and two teaspoons of Matcha powder. Stir well and enjoy the tasty drink. This concoction can be served hot or cold.

How about a smoothie!

Coconut water and banana are known for high dose of potassium which helps in regeneration of healthy cells and thus producing energy.

Mix half an orange, half banana into half cup of coconut water and half cup of nut milk. This drink is a great energy booster.

Very Berry Juice!

Berries have natural sugar and fibre which release energy. If you add a zest of lime to it you will savour the tangy flavour with the energy perk.

Blend one cup of mixed berries in one cup of water and add some juice of lime.

Green Chia Iced Tea

The chia seeds are rich in proteins and omega 3 when blended with green tea gives you a good dose of energy. For sweetness add a dash of honey for an extra energy kick.

One tablespoon of chia seeds mixed in a cup of green tea and a teaspoon of honey makes a great revitalizing energy drink.


Warm up with spices!

If you are fond of an evening warm beverage and cannot resist your coffee, we have a spicy warmer drink to boost up your energy levels. The spices are anti inflammatory which replenishes your system.

Add an inch of ginger to two cups of hot boiling water. To this add one fourth teaspoon of turmeric and one and a half teaspoon of honey along with one fourth cardamom powder. Add two slices of lemon and enjoy this concoction for pure energy.

For that afternoon slump

Why do we feel fatigue? The reason is due to less amount of oxygen flowing in between our blood vessels. Beets are highly rich in nitrates, nitrates when converted to nitric oxide reduces our blood pressure by widening the blood vessels. This gives enough space for oxygen to flow freely in between the vessels. This will result in power booster energy.

One apple, 2 celery stalks, a handful of spinach along with one small beetroot and lemon zest will give you everything your body desires.

Protein Punch

Start your mornings with this protein punch. Proteins along with healthy fat and slow releasing sugar keeps you energised the whole day.

All you require is half a banana, 1 tablespoon almond butter, 1 table spoon protein powder, one fourth cup of coconut water, half cup kale chopped, half tablespoon hemp seeds and half table spoon flaxseeds.

Detox shot

We have a super shot for your body that will infuse buzzing energy into your system. Four ounces of water mixed with four ounces of cranberry juice, add 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, half a lemon and you are done!

This detoxifying concoction will pop you up with energy and will also act as a cleanser for your kidney, liver and bowels.

Charge your senses and your palate with these rich energy drinks and feel the change!

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