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We only think of Chinese and hamburgers when we see Sesame seeds. There is a lot more to these tiny little seeds. The sesame seeds are high dose of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and phytosterols. Due to its anti inflammatory properties sesame seeds can reduce pain and inflammation.


Let’s check out some way to make Sesame seeds part of our diet.

As a seasoning: a very famous Japanese seasoning called Gomasio is a good option. It’s a macro bacterial seasoning and can be easily made at home. All you need are some toasted sesame seeds and seas salt, mix them in equal proportion and store in an air tight container. This amazing seasoning can be used over your soup or salad.

As a paste: paste of sesame seeds is called Tahini. You can easily get tahini in market or you can quickly prepare this wonderful paste at home. This paste is creamy and buttery and can be used as a good substitute for butter and cream. Add hummus and some honey for an extravagant taste.

Stir fires: sesame seeds are a must ingredient in all the stir fried veggies. It gives you a nutty crunch along with booster dose of nutrition.

Smoothies: Add some sesame seeds to your favourite smoothie all you would get is a great taste and immense health.

Sesame milk: Soak some sesames seeds overnight; now blend it next day by adding some more water. Strain this liquid, all you will get is pure sesame milk which you can store too. The unstrained leftover can be used in smoothies or for the preparation of Tahini.

Why do we need Sesamese seeds in our diet?

For that glowing beauty and lustrous hair start taking sesame seeds. This spectacular seed has all kinds of B-complex vitamins which enhances your beauty. The vitamins are much needed for your skin, eyes and hair. You can easily get sesame seed oil from your local strore.

Boost up your body with the right Vitamins

Apart from all kinds of Vitamin B’s you have good ose of calcium, magnesiumand copper in sesame seeds. With the rgular intake of the wonderful seeds you can get rid of respiratory problems and rheumatoid arthritis.

Get your protein and fibre dose

Sesame seeds might appear to be tiny but is a full package of fibre and protein. It helps in muscle development as it has right amount of quality protein. The fibre content aids digestion.

For strong bones

Calcium and zinc content in sesame seeds makes them ideal for healthy and strong bones. It is reported that those who take sesame seeds regularly in their diet do not complain of osteoporosis. Hence sesame seeds are must for women and old age group.

Sesame seeds also contain anti cancerous properties. Hence people who have history of cancer in their family must include sesame seeds in their diet. It can prevent leukaemia, prostrate, breast and lung cancer. 

Prevents heart diseases

The oleic acid found in sesame seeds has a property to lower down bad cholesterol or LDL from our body and increases the level of HDL which is good cholesterol. This results in maintainance of a good and healthy lipid profile. Hence sesame seeds prevent heart diseases.

Essential for pregnant women

Sesame seeds are good for pregnant mothers as they have high shots of folic acid. Folic acid is the key requirement for DNA synthesis during foetus development.

Bone development in children

The good quality amino acids in sesamese seeds are required by growing children for bone development. You get 18 grams of protein from 100 gms of Sesamese seeds. This is indeed a great count.

Reduce your anxiety levels

Sesame seeds are rich in niacin and essential vitamins. Niacin is belived to reduce anxiety levels in humans. The compound Niacin improves the GABA activity inside our brain cells. This inturn reduces neurosis and anxiety.

There is

a plethora of benefits behind the tiny sesamese seeds. Incorporate these wonder natural drug into your daily diet to reap the health profits.

For information on Sesameseeds derived from the above discussed clickhere.


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