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The extremely talented Bollywood actress Manisha Koirala has been a household name with her much-acclaimed performances in blockbusters like Dil Se and Bombay. But her own life took a dramatic turn for the worse when she was detected with ovarian cancer in November 2012.

While she was first detected with the disease in Norvic Hospital in Nepal, Manisha refused to believe her fate until the diagnosis was confirmed by reputed consultants in Mumbai and New York. Her condition rapidly deteriorated to the point where she was in continuous excruciating pain. But she strived to survive, and after two years of battling the disease, she lives to tell the tale.

But there’s a good side to this story as well: this health scare has motivated her to take her fitness levels more seriously. She has taken to exercising regularly, hitting the gym with strict rigour and dancing her way to fitness at dance classes.

She accompanies this healthy active lifestyle with a balanced diet. She stays away from non-vegetarian dishes and opts for vegetarian meals. She has chosen to go organic in all aspects of her life including her food.

Manisha has worked on drastically reducing her rice and sugar intakes. If you, like her, are extremely fond of carbohydrates but need to stay healthy, why not try more nutritious forms of carbs like brown rice or whole grains. Also, there are other more natural wholesome ways of fulfilling your sweet cravings than sugar – why not start your day with a spoonful of honey: Sprinkle some over your morning bowl of breakfast cereal or oatmeal porridge or add it to a glass of lime juice.


As one of Manisha Koirala’s recent posts on the social media platform Twitter - “Praying,meditating,gyming,eating right,in company of good n bright people..heart is filled with gratitude..I hv received unconditional love from lord..I m experiencing the best days of my life!!” – states, while she received a serious jolt with the entry of cancer in her life, in the end it has helped her become a healthier, wholer, fitter version of herself.

And you can do this too!Ensure you eat healthy and prevent cancer by introducing a few key foods into your daily diet. For example, eating dry fruits and nuts like walnuts, almonds, dried figs and dried berries can help you fight the deadly disease: Berries contain antioxidants, figs contain benzaldehyde, nuts contain selenium, all of which help keep your body free of irregular cell growth, fight tumours and ward off cancer.

Starting your day with a glass of juice will not just give your day a tasty kick start, but will also help flush out harmful toxins from your body, and eliminate cancer-causing free radicals from your system.

So go ahead and take a step towards long-term good health for you and your loved ones, and get a healthy balanced lifestyle, like the one the gorgeous Manisha Koirala has now discovered.

Cancer is increasing its reach; ensure you or your family don’t become its next victims!


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