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We often joke that cricket is what binds the people of our country, and that it can be considered one of the religions that Indians follow. But the love and commitment for the sport and its players became evident when the Indian cricket community was hit by a storm in 2012 – One of their stars, Yuvraj Singh, had been diagnosed with lung cancer.

Yes, the same man who had broken a number of records in his young career had to suddenly quit the game and shift his focus from the field to the oncology department. After his disease was detected in Bangalore, oncology specialists suggested that Yuvraj go to the US, where he underwent three rounds of chemotherapy, which everyone knows can take a major toll on the healthiest person’s wellness levels. A believer in holistic treatments, Yuvraj also opted for ayurvedic medicine to lessen the negative side effects of and significantly increase the impact of the chemotherapy sessions.

Yuvi, as he is fondly called by cricket fans, didn’t give in to cancer. He was at an advantage since his cancer was early-stage and hence was treatable. He decided to make the most of his situation and stay strong and positive. He drew inspiration from cycling legend Lance Armstrong who had suffered from the same condition, and coincidentally had been treated by the same doctor who was in charge of Yuvraj’s recovery. He stayed strong and didn’t let cancer bowl him out and he is back with a bang, and as healthy as ever.

The most shocking part about Yuvraj’s illness can be voiced in the questions that were hovering in everyone’s minds: “But Yuvraj was so fit! How did he get cancer?”, “If an active sportsman like Yuvraj Singh can fall prey to cancer, then what is to become of us mere mortals?” and the like. Yes, Yuvraj was active and followed an exercise routine to ensure his game was at its best. Yes, cancer can affect anyone. But you can definitely take a few measures to reduce your risk of becoming its next victim. Interested in knowing more? Read on to know more about foods that can help you prevent cancer:

  1. Green Tea

Green tea contains catechins, a particularly strong type of antioxidant, that works on preventing the growth of cancer cells and ensures that their multiplication is restricted. 

  1. Dry Fruits and Nuts

Not only do dry fruits and nuts contain essential nutrients and vitamins that help your body function optimally, a lot of them also come with anti-carcinogenic elements. For example, figs contain a derivative of benzaldehyde a substance that science shows can have miraculous effects on shrinking tumors. There are a wide range of dried berries available, all of which come with significant antioxidant properties that help eliminate cancer-causing free radicals and reduce the impact of carcinogenic substances on your system.

  1. Flax Seeds

These high-fiber food items contain lignans, which detoxify your body and prevent abnormal cell growth, and Omega 3 fatty acids that are renowned for keeping one safe from colon cancer.


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