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Experts are of the opinion that the cold and harsh wind can change your skin drastically thereby making it more sensitive or irritated during winter. Although, if you can implement few changes in your skincare routine as well as choose the right skincare product these issues can be resolved. Here are a few tips to ensure a healthy looking skin all throughout winters.

  • Include an exfoliating step in your skincare regimen. The dead surface skin can get in your way of healthy skin during winters. Therefore, it is a good idea to include a mild exfoliating cleanser or a mask in your beauty routine. The moisturizer can penetrate your skin further after exfoliation and help to keep it hydrated throughout the day. Switch from a lotion based moisturizer to a cream based moisturizer to protect your skin form dry and cold winter wind.

  • Take care of your eyes. The skin around your eye is the most delicate and sensitive one, so harsh weather condition can affect these area easily. Including an eye cream in your skincare routine will help to retain moisture and keep this area hydrated.

  • Choose your moisturizer wisely. It is important to keep in mind that moisturizer will be your best friend for the winters. So while choosing one, look for butter and oils in the ingredient. Presence of any kind of oil like sunflower oil, almond oil, olive oil will be appropriate. These products containing oil can benefit your skin by creating a protective layer on the skin, which will help in the retention of moisture in your skin. Other recommended ingredients that can be searched for in the moisturizers are Aloe Vera or chamomile extract. These extracts not only help in moisturizing but also soothe red, dry skin.

  • Avoid super hot bath. This is a strict no, however tempting it might seem. Soaking yourself in an extremely hot bath breaks down the lipid barriers of skin, leaving it open for moisture to escape from your skin. However, a bath in lukewarm water is advisable. Use some body butter to pamper your body skin after the bath. However, do not use any kind of moisturizer immediately after taking bath. Wait for 10-15 minutes and then begin with the moisturizing.

  • Take care of your pout. Lips are another sensitive part of our skin, which requires special attention during winters. Absolutely, add a moisturizing lip balm into your skincare routine. Reapply the balm whenever you feel that it has dried up. Use a gentle homemade lip scrub of lemon and powdered sugar to exfoliate your lip. Be gentle on your lips.

  • Not only hydrate from outside but also hydrate yourself from within. Winter is a great time to eat loads of fruits and vegetables. Eat a healthy diet loaded with nutrients and vitamins. Drink lot of fluids. Increase the amount of water that you usually drink. Eating a balanced diet will ensure that the inner healthy glow of your skin is maintained.

Taking special care of your skin during winter with these natural skin care products will ensure that your skin does not dry out. Have a blast this winter when you can be sure that your skin problems are far away.


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