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Due to increased pollution and extensive irregularities in our diets, the problem of hair fall has risen a bit high. It’s time to pay heed over this matter and devise methods to overcome such problems. The root cause of hair loss is the deficiency of right quantities of nutrients and vitamins in our body. We are eating just the junk and outside food which is completely devoid of any vitamins and full of fat and spices and that’s where our body lacks in natural herbs and nutrients. Secondly we should try some amazing ideas of organic products which contribute a lot in terms of increased hair growth. All the commercial and synthetic products we use for curing hair indirectly destroys it and leaves it dry without the right amount of moisture. These destroy the texture of our hair. On the other hand, we have organic remedies full of natural extracts that makes our hair stronger and also helps retain moisture. Definitely the organic products containing natural enzymes, vitamins, nutrients, plant extracts are much more useful.


Some helpful Organic Remedies:

  • Hair oil

Oiling is very necessary for the hair. The roots of hair need constant moisture to survive through all the dust sticking to it. Strong roots are the main step to prevent any hair loss and this can be achieved by thorough oiling of the hair. The oils good for hair growth are lavender oil, rosemary oil, and thymes. This prevents any thinning of air and also any hair fall. The organic hair oil contains rich plant extracts like carotene which helps repair all damage to the hair and performs full hair treatment naturally.


  • Green Tea

Like our body, our hair also needs the right quantity of nutrients to stand through the pollution. Much of the hair fall is because the hair is very weak from within due to lack of proper herbs and natural extracts. Just then Organic Green Tea is the savior which provides the right enzymes that kill all hair loss causing DHT.


  • Herbal Shampoos

Many big commercial shampoos have been ruling the market in terms of quality but are they really potential rulers in terms of ingredients added to make them? They contain parabens to add fragrance and all chemicals and toxins to provide synthetic moisture to the hair hardly lasts. Instead the hair needs some fresh fruit extracts like green apple, grapes, papaya and honey to keep it stronger and nourish the scalp to add luster. The organic fruit shampoo is a magical blend of all the natural fruits giving our hair the right nutrition. Also one of the most important organic herbs to promote strong hair is shikakai. It nourishes the hair from deep within the roots and maintains the natural oil balance of the scalp. The organic shikakai shampoo is another wonderful remedy for the problem of hair fall.


  • Herbal Tonic

Anti-Hair fall remedies are incomplete without a herbal tonic. The tonic contains entire natural and organic extracts which are important to prevent any hair damage and hair loss. The therapeutic herbal extracts help in texturing the split and rough ends of the hair while preventing any graying of hair. It controls the hair loss and improves the natural luster. 

All in all these herbal anti-hairfall remedies are a good protection against the hair damage as they do not cause any allergic reaction and are eco-friendly as well. These fit well in the budget also. Hurry up before all your hair is lost.


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