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The Anti-Ageing miracle of saffron is a lesser known health fact, although saffron is widely used in kitchens for its characteristic aroma. Saffron is derived from the dried stamens of thousands of Crocus sativa flowers. It takes great care to cultivate the saffron flower and carefully dry it to the right degree, without breaking it down or losing its innate qualities. Saffron is a well-known herb for many centuries to cure ailments of the digestive tract, soothe menstrual pain, relax the muscles and calm down high stress levels. Researchers are also managing to find out the healing effects of saffron for deadly chronic diseases like cancer as well. The mechanism of action that cures cancer or prevents it also makes saffron a powerful herb to fight the effects of ageing, making it a potent Anti-Ageing organic remedy.

How Saffron Serves as a Potent Organic Anti-Ageing Herbal Remedy to Counter the Ageing Process

Saffron has a high level of power to serve as an antioxidant on the body’s immune system. It prevents the damage caused from free radicals and reduces stress de to the oxidation process is various body systems. By stopping the growth of toxic cells that might lead to cancer, in addition to neutralizing free radicals, saffron is able to bring about Anti-Ageing in the entire body.

This makes organ degeneration slower than usual, although it is not completely avoidable and gives a suppler appearance to the skin. In other words, wherever saffron is used on the body, whether internal or external, it creates an Anti-Ageing effect and relieves the body from related stress and oxidation.

The Anti-Ageing Effect of Saffron on the Skin When Applied Locally

Saffron is can bring about the effects of Anti-Ageing by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. As an antioxidant for the skin, it makes fine lines less visible and gradually helps you get rid of dark spots that generally occur as your skin ages. Saffron is essentially a revitalizer for skin and its overall effect is to make the skin more vibrant and give it a fresh look, while also acting as an anti-wrinkle agent. In this way, the Anti-Ageing of saffron are two fold in nature.

In addition, saffron has a pleasing smell and leaves a soothing fresh feeling after applying the cream to the hands and the face. The Anti-Ageing cream containing Saffron is mild on the skin and the eyes, and does not produce any watering of the eyes due to the organic nature of the ingredients contained in it. In effect it also moisturizes deeply and keeps the skin high in water content to fight the drying effects of ageing skin effectively.

Saffron has a balancing effect on the skin whether it is the harsh winters or the extremely dry winters. Owing to its optimal hydrating effect on the skin to trigger the Anti-Ageing process, Saffron in a night cream is ideal to allow the skin to recoup from the harsh effects of the environment and pollution or the degenerating effects of the natural ageing process, both of which produce wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots and dryness.

In addition to the numerous mineral and vitamins found in saffron, it also contains manganese and copper, essential to produce the effects of Anti-Ageing internally and externally in the body. Saffron is also able to bring about anti-ageing due to the carotenoids present in it. The chemical composition of Saffron is very therapeutic in nature and its Anti-Ageing effects are brought about by the combined healing action of all compounds present in it. Together with the essential oils present in abundance in organically grown saffron, it is one of the most holistic organic remedy to Anti-Ageing.

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