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Organic cosmetic products can be a vital addition to your skin care products. Only made from naturally derived products, they do not contain any type of artificial chemicals that can harm the skin. Facial skin care products have become a rage in the past years, and people are coming around to understand the adverse effects of artificial oils and chemicals. Because of this, there has been a dramatic increase in people preferring organic products and that is understandable too. When it comes to skin care, “Knowledge is power” and people should know what their cream contains, how safe it is and if it is cost-effective.

What should I know?

Being paranoid and choosy when it comes to finding the right face care product is perfectly normal. You might feel that if a mistake is made, it will reflect on your face, quite literally. Answers to few of your questions-

  • How Organic- Chemicals are hardly ever desired when it comes to skin care. To make your face look healthy and your skin free from wrinkles, it’s important to use the right kind of face cream. Anti-oxidants are essential to get rid of radicals that are harmful to the skin and many skip this by using cheaper chemicals in order to save money. Purely derived from nature, organic products contain antioxidants and the essential oils that are important for the skin to maintain a youthful appearance.
  • Safety-The facial skin is the more sensitive than other parts of the body. It requires proper care and chemicals will only tend to pollute it. A lot of ingredients like alcohol, mineral oils, toluene, rancid natural materials and even, fragrances largely used in inorganic products might be toxic. Facial care products with organic ingredients have a zero risk factor associated with them and are very good for the skin.
  • Cost-effective-The most expensive is not necessarily the best. Organic products are being made with budget conscious people in mind and have become easily affordable to all. The natural compounds are more than qualified to take care of your skin, in a gentle and effective manner.

What do I need to look out for?

With an increase in the number of facial care products, one needs to properly equip themselves with the idea on what is essential. A wide range of organic products like face creams, face washes and moisturizers, anti-ageing creams, etc. are available, each with its own advantage.

  • Face cream- A variety of natural materials has been used in these face creams with each of them having their own benefits. A few of them to list out-
    • Rose- It gives softness to the skin and makes it silky to touch. It also cleans and tones the skin and provides elasticity. It also has antiseptic properties.
    • Turmeric- Treats skin conditions like acne and retards the ageing process. It also prevents dry skin and speeds up healing.
    • Sandal-It is a natural antiseptic and has moisturizing, stimulating and balancing properties.
    • Aloe vera- Boosts the circulatory system and can help fight against skin disorders. It has anti-oxidant property and can ward off wrinkles.
    • Cucumber-It hydrates the skin and helps in reducing dark circles and tanning. It also rejuvenates and vitalizes the skin.
    • Grape seed- Its oil is one of the most powerful and healthiest anti-oxidant that can be used.

All the above have  natural anti-oxidant characters and are effective in keeping the skin soft and supple.

  • Moisturizer- Keeping the skin hydrated is also very important. A well-moisturized skin can improve blood circulation and retard ageing process, making you appear healthy and radiant. A wide range of natural materials is used-
    • Almond- Rich in Vitamin E that keeps the skin smooth.
    • Strawberry-Contains Vitamins A, C and K, along with magnesium and antioxidants, which remove dark circles, puffiness and prevents premature aging.
    • Aloe vera- Best solution to keep your skin hydrated, it is highly recommended for sensitive skin.

  • Night Cream- Specially designed to relax you before you wind up, they have wonderful effects throughout the night. Applying them right before you go to bed will give you a healthy glow when you wake up as they work on your skin as you sleep. Night Creams contain collagen that keeps the skin firm and natural oils that erase all signs of fatigue.

Naturally based products are ideal for the current lifestyle of city-dwellers and with an increase in pollution and similar factors in the atmosphere, going organic might be the solution. High-quality organic face care products containing natural ingredients are the healthiest ways for your skin to look, feel and be fantastic.


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