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Lipstick is quite an important makeup accessory which makes your lips look more scintillating and beautiful and simultaneously works as a moisturiser and a protector from UV rays. We see many big brands in this field but the important question is, are they really affecting our lips in a good way?Have they been providing the right nutrients to the lips and protecting our soft lips with the right shield? These synthetic lip shades are not what they look. They are full of harmful substances which really affect the skin of our lips in a bad way and remove all moisture. The solution is not so confusing. Organic lipstick is the need of the hour. Get hold over the organic lipsticks before it’s too late. Natural herbs and organic materials of the lip shades provide everything needed for the good health of your lips. Organic Lipsticks are available in all shades and add to the beauty of the lips.

Advantages of Organic Lip Shades

  • Chemical Free – Lead is the most common chemical found in synthetic lipsticks nowadays. The commercial products are same as they use all sorts of chemicals and harmful artificial flavours to look more attractive and beautiful. But stay away, as they contain huge quantities of lead which enters the body through biting and licking of lips and damage the brain and other parts of body. Paraben is another chemical found in excess in the artificial lipsticks which causes hormonal imbalances. Organic lipshades have a surplus of natural nutrients and vitamins providing the right amount of softness and substances required by the lips. These contain honey, rose, grapes extracts and the similar types of materials.

  • Protection to Animals – The artificial lip shades pose a big threat to innocent animals of our planet. These synthetic products are sold after their harmful compounds have been brutally tested with the animals. This torture to animals is what we need to stop. The only solution is to resort to organic lipsticks which are animal-friendly thus saving the poor animals from the merciless torture. Organic Lipsticks contain combinations of herbs and organic plant extracts which give your lips a vibrant dash of colour and also provide a sense of relief for the animals.

Organic lip shades are naturally healthy without any synthetic colour or toxins for fragrance. The artificial ones are really harmful causing allergies to our body when the lips come in contact with the lip shades. They are very safe to use thus preventing any harm to be done to our lips. It provides a natural glow to your lips keeping the softness and moisture intact restricting all chemicals entering into the lips. The organic lipsticks are comprised of rich plant extracts giving the lip shades great nutritional value for keeping our lips deeply hydrated and juicy.

The quality need not to be worried about when it comes to the organic products as they offer best products with great health advantages. They also contain various fruit extracts to give the required colour and an aromatic fragrance to the lips; in addition to the vitamins of the fruits. These vitamins keep our lips healthy. They do not bleach the skin of the lips.

The crux of the matter is organic is the new style of fashion and using organic lipstick shades is what is recommended for keeping your lips damage free and maintaining the natural colour.


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