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After you are back from a long work day, nothing feels better than a hot shower, with a soothing shower gel followed by a slathering of moisturizer before getting into your soft and comfy bed. And what could be better if you made this body wash or shower gel yourself? No chemicals, no synthetic products, just pure natural body wash to make you feel like a million bucks.

You can whip up a body wash of your own in no time with just a few ingredients from your kitchen. We’ve got the complete low down to make you a bath and body expert with this easy DIY recipe for a luscious, soft and fragrant body wash.

So here goes the recipe for one of the most natural and luxuriant body washes you will ever find.

To prepare the body wash, you need a few key elements.

  1. Honey

The benefits of honey for skin care are widely known. It acts as a moisturizer, softening agent, cleansing agent and even an astringent to ensure you are left with soft and glowing skin. The hydrating properties make the skin supple and ensure that it doesn’t become flaky. Honey also has antibacterial properties which fight off infections and help heal the skin from any damage. It is best to use organic honey for this body wash to ensure that your all natural body wash doesn’t get any impure elements.

  1. Olive Oil

Olive oil has been used since ancient times in Greece as a moisturizer for the skin. The natural and nourishing properties of olive oil work wonders for the skin and make it radiant and glowing. It contains many minerals and vitamins as well which nourish and hydrate the skin making it soft and smooth. Lastly, olive oil protects the skin from sun damage and also slows down the ageing process. So no more wrinkles and saggy skin; with this olive oil body wash you will be the belle of the ball wherever you go. Olive oil also adds a wonderful sheen to the skin and ensures that it does not become too dry and rough. Using extra virgin olive oil is best to ensure maximum nourishment.

  1. Liquid Soap

We need to use liquid soap to add a foaming and cleansing property to our body wash. For this it is recommended that you use all-natural soap and heat it on the gas in a water basin for a few minutes. For this, you need to first boil a pot of water and then place another vessel in the water. Now place the soap in the upper vessel where it will melt with the transferred heat and add a few drops of olive oil to it as it melts.

  1. Fragrant Essential Oils

Essential oils are used to add a wonderful fragrance as well as for their therapeutic properties. You can choose your favorite essential oil based on preference, but opt for a scent that complements the fragrance of the liquid soap. You can use peppermint essential oil if you want an antibacterial and revitalizing body wash, or go for a floral fragrance like lavender or chamomile for a soothing and calming effect. Just add a few drops of essential oils. You need it only for the fragrance and not for moisturizing effect.

Now to prepare this body wash, in a glass bowl mix four to five spoonfuls of olive oil and four to five drops of the chosen essential oil. Mix it well so that the essential oil spreads all through the carrier oil. Then, add the other elements to the bowl one by one and mix it thoroughly. If it is solidifying, use the water bath method to melt it while you mix the ingredients once again. Once the ingredients have combined well together, pour the concoction into a glass jar or bottle and seal it tightly.

Now, step into the shower, take some of the mix on a loofah and lather it all over your body for a wonderfully relaxing bath.

Image Source: http://www.mommypotamus.com/homemade-body-wash/


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