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The skin gets exposed to a wide range of external substances and organisms every day and so eventually loses its shine and health. The unhealthy lifestyle, unhealthy diet and stress also contribute to the skin getting dull and unhealthy. The skin also gets exposed to the harmful rays of the sun called the ultra-violet rays. The ultra-violet rays of the sun stimulate the production of the skin protein melanin by the skin cells. The increased production of melanin produces dark regions on the skin and causes what is known as tanning. Skin tan is a major problem that affects the skin and often leads to several other skin disorders. Tanning causes pigmentation, acne, pimples and even leads to aging of the skin.

There are several skin care products that are available to get rid of skin tan. Several anti-tan products are available which can be used in an effective manner to get rid of even an extreme tan. However, most of these anti-tan products are usually loaded with harmful chemicals. These chemicals affect the skin in an adverse manner and may even lead to severe skin disorders. Thus, it is better to use natural products for getting rid of tan. Several natural products with their health and skin benefiting properties can be mixed into a pack and applied on the skin to get rid of tan. These anti-tan packs can work wonders on the skin and help to remove tan completely.

The following are a few home-made anti-tan packs that can be used to remove tanning from any skin type.

  • Strawberry and milk cream face pack: Strawberries have skin lightening properties that improve skin complexion and also help to remove dark spots. Strawberries also remove pigmentation and freckles which are signs of premature aging. Milk provides the skin with the required nutrients and also helps to moisturize it. Milk also helps to sooth the skin and even leaves it softer. This pack can be made by crushing strawberries and mixing with milk. The pack must be applied on the face for about 30 minutes for it to effectively remove skin tan.
  • Sandalwood and coconut water pack: Sandalwood has been used since ages for its medicinal properties. Sandalwood works as a natural skin cleanser and removes impurities and dead skin cells and also helps to remove blemishes. Coconut water moisturizes the skin and also helps to lighten the skin tone. The pack can be made by mixing sandalwood and coconut water and adding a few drops of almond oil to it. For the pack to effectively work on skin tan, it must be applied for at least 20 minutes.
  • Saffron and fresh cream face pack: Saffron has been used as a skin care product since time immemorial. Saffron helps in natural skin brightening and lightening. It also helps to remove tan and fight acne and pimples that are caused due to tanning. The cream works as a moisturizer for the skin. The pack can be made by soaking a few strands of saffron in the fresh cream overnight. The pack must be applied for at least 20 minutes so that it can remove the skin tan completely.
  • Pineapple and honey pack: Pineapples contain a lot of anti-oxidants and enzymes that remove dead cells from the skin and also remove extreme tanning. With its high content of Vitamin C and anti-oxidants, pineapple can fight against free radicals that damage the skin cells to cause premature aging. Honey is a natural moisturizer and has properties that make it one of the most effective ingredients to remove tan. To make the pack, pineapple pulp must be mixed with honey. The pack can be applied for 3-5 minutes and it can effectively remove tan.
  • Fuller’s earth and aloe vera gel pack: Fuller’s earth is one of the best natural skin care products. It can be used as a cooling agent and also removes irritation, blemishes and scars from the skin. Aloe vera gel also can be used effectively to lighten the skin tone and cleanse the skin. This pack can be prepared by mixing fuller’s earth with aloe vera gel and applied for at least half an hour for it to effectively remove tanning from the skin.
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