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Richelle E Goodrich”, being counted in one of the most popular author / illustrator quoted writer & blogger, specifies her own quotation pertaining to hair loss, I was going to buy a book on hair loss, but the pages kept failing out. There are a million of people who are having baldness and some of the other hair problems, we always try to save & strengthen hair but sometimes it is hard to find.

A personality looks more adorable with thick, strong and smooth hair. One who has lack of hair may sometimes look odd as well as feels embarrassed, people who go balled due to their age we often mock them saying uncle, old guy, fuddy-duddy and what not which is really painful for who have such a hair problem. Mostly, this hair loss problem arises from stress, uncompleted work, unendurable circumstances and many uncounted factors.  And at a final stage being unconscious to it we lose this god gifted thing forever. That is why seeing this entire hair problem; here some home remedies and organic ways are being mentioned in helping to prevent hair loss.

   One of the main types of hair loss is ‘Alopecia”

  • Involution alopecia
  • Telogen alopecia
  • Patchy hair loss
  • Tinea capitis
  • Traction alopecia and so on

Home remedies to prevent hair loss

Castor oil- This castor oil known as a best organic nourisher that hydrates scalp and strengthen the root of your hair. It consist vitamin E that powers your hair scalp to remain internally wet. And one of the salient vitamins of the castor oil is ‘Omega 9 amino acid” that plays an important role to power the follicles of hair and prevent hair to lose.

Fenugreek- It is very effective organic item that helps making your hair scalp stronger and constitute ‘hair follicles”. The seeds of fenugreek have ‘antecedents”, multi vitamin, mineral, protein that help enhancing growth of hair. For consuming, you may have fenugreek thrice in a day with a glass of water or milk adding a full spoon of fenugreek, especially in morning it is said that having it before tea or breakfast will impact more on preventing hair loss.

Aloe Vera- In researches it has been spelt out that aloe Vera has a huge store of ‘enzymes” that leads a strong growth. It’s a best organic remedy to resolve itching to scalp. Now-a-days it easily can get availed from outlets; it comes in many forms like oil, gel, capsules and powder as well. It could be effortlessly applied on the scalp to hair at least twice in a day for better outcome. Overall it is a good remedy to control hair loss.

Herbal supplement- For following the simplest organic formulated method is ‘herbal supplement” to prevent hair loss. You effortlessly can avail it from online shopping website or from near outlets because its supplements are available everywhere. It is highly recommended by experts to them who have such problems pertaining to hair, kindly take it four times in a day with water or milk to prevent hair loss.

Organic shampoo and conditioner- You surely will not get any harmful impact from these organic item like other shampoo or conditioner which come in the market because they are chemically manufactured so due to this, t impacts on hair very badly and sometimes cause some of deadly disease like skin cancer, but by applying some of organic shampoos and conditioner, your hair loss may easily be prevented.

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