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Pollution, stress, physical environment, extraneous factors and underlying health have a major impact on our hair. It is an obvious fact that our hair is subjected to the worst possible levels of strain and pollution in the rut of the fast city life. Here’s what we can do to our already damaged hair without spending a huge amount on salon treatments. All that one needs, to go damage free, is patience! The main elements of hair care are:

  • Cleanliness
  • Constant care
  • Maintaining a routine
  • Preventing further damage
  • Cutting down on heat equipment


  1. Keep it clean: Dirty hair could get worse if left unattended. Make sure you always have clean hair by washing them frequently. Remove any trace of dust, dirt and pollution residue. Dry hair is better than damaged hair, and better yet, the dryness element of a shampoo can be balanced out by using a hair conditioner of the same brand.



  1. Smoothen it out: Do not use a fine comb, but a wide-toothed comb in order to detangle your hair after a wash. Preferably, towel-dry your hair and apply a drop or two of frizz control, damage resistant or smoothening hair serum to be able to run your fingers down to the tips without any knots and entanglement.



  1. Let it air-dry: Take a break from blow-driers, hair straighteners, curlers, rollers and any and every sort of heat treatment. Go natural and abstain from chemical products to artificially hasten the process of drying your hair. Let a few drops of water drip on your shoulders. It’s worth the abstinence.


  1. Natural products: Seek the natural way, as no one treats hair better than nature does. Rely on products with natural extracts, fruit oils, and vegetable skin. Herbal and organic products are the need of the hour. Anything closer to being devoid of chemicals does wonders to your hair. Watch your dead locks regain a close-to-natural form in weeks from the adopted usage.



  1. Oil massage: Nothing to beat the age old oil massage that focuses on pressure points soothes the hair and provides deep rooted conditioning. Hair oil is like food to the hair. It nourishes the follicles and makes them stronger. With a range of hair oils now available at the market, one can never run of options of using it. Apply shampoo twice and wash off any residual hair oil. Use a hair conditioner for extra softness.


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