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So, the gray hair on your head has suddenly gotten a growth spurt and you can’t stop worrying about it? Talking to friends yields so many options that you get more confused. And you are hesitating to color your hair fearing what if the color increases the grays!!!

Well, white hair is a call of attention from your hair. It means that the aging process has set in early and your hair needs nutrients. Leave aside that anxiety and understand that a good organic hair treatment will set your hair right. Also, using organic hair colors will not strip your hair of its color and give you a beautiful young look. Read on to know more about the options you have.

Mehendi Powder:

Mehendi Powder is a natural option for coloring your hair. Organic Mehendi powders mixed with Brahmi, Amla, Reetha, Shikakai and Bhringaraj provide an all round nourishment to your hair. Brahmi boosts growth of hair, Bhringaraj gives volume, Reetha is a cleansing agent, Shikakai too cleans the hair, and amla gives the shine, luster and color along with Mehendi leaving its smooth color on your hair. It is a product used by many women traditionally in our country.

Mehendi Colors:

Many women nowadays do not like the orangish red color that a natural Mehendi powder gives. Well, the same natural henna powder now comes with different color options like Burgundy, Brown, Black etc. This is for women who still prefer Mehendi to other colors but don’t like its Orange color. Use of such products will not only color your hair; but also clean it of dandruff and leave it softer, shinier and thicker.

Permanent Herbal Colors:

Herbal colors which are permanent require only one application to the hair. They contain 100% natural ingredients and thus give nourishment to the hair. Constituents like Aloe Vera, Amla, Henna etc. give a boost to the hair and leave it longer, shinier and thicker. Easy to apply; these colors are a great permanent option too.

Other Organic Hair Colors:

Other organic hair colors are also available which need to be applied after a few weeks. Packed with herbal ingredients like Henna, Amla, Manjishtha, Methi, Bhringaraj, Coffee, Hibiscus etc.; these colors do not contain Ammonia or harmful chemicals.

Maintaining Organic Hair Color to Get prolonged Young Look

It is not enough to only color your hair; maintaining colored hair also is important to keep it healthy and shiny. Use of Natural Hair Packs gives extra nourishment to colored hair and forms a protective layer on the hair which retains color for longer periods.

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