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You don’t need to stress and worry about bring up your child. Focus all your love and attention on the little one. You don’t have to be a child expert. Just take care of some small basic needs. The following five subjects are all your baby really needs and wants. These days will be over before you know it and your child will be growing up real fast. Enjoy the phase as it goes.

Baby’s Bed

If you plan on sleeping with your baby, the baby’s bed is going to be a subbed on your bed. Anyhow, allocate another place for the baby to sleep during day times as the baby is going to sleep a great deal.

  • Mattress: The primary element of the bed is the baby mattress. It should be small, soft and thin so that you can easily wash, dry and change it for the baby’s comfort.
  • Blankets and Swaddlers : to prevent the baby from catching cold, which the baby tend to catch very easily by the way, blankets are a must. Keep the baby covered up while sleeping. Using swaddlersis better as they are more efficient in keeping the sleep asleep for a longer time.
  • Baby pillows: baby pillows are another requisite to hinder the movement of baby outside the bed area while sleeping.


Baby Bath and Skin Care

  • Babies love to bath. Get a baby bathing tub. It is like a sport for them, sitting in the tub, splashing the water around and making gurgling noises. It makes them happy, ready for the day.
  • An undamaging, organic set of soap and shampoo is recommended for the babies so their skin is not affected by any kind of chemical present in the products.
  • To keep the baby’s skin from becoming dry and dehydrated, apply baby lotion all over the body after bath.
  • Choose a mild baby powder to rub over baby’s body to keep her refreshed for a long time after the bath.

Daily Massage

  • Massaging is the best way to show your baby love. Choose a suitable massage oil to do it twice, one in the day time before bath and another time in the evening.
  • Gentle, rhythmic stroke of the body stimulates the production of all the good hormones which make the baby stay relaxed and not fuss or cry. Mental and physical development becomes quicker and baby sleeps better.
  • Giving the baby massage yourself make you feel empowered as a parent. Keep a lot of eye contact during the practice and try to carry a conversation with the baby. Remember, the baby always communicates with you.
  • Other advantages of massage: improves weight gain, blood circulation, eases teething pain and aids in proper digestion.

Diapers and Wipes

Your baby needs diapers as long as she is not potty trained which will be by the time she is more than one years old. Till then nappies or diapers are your only support to incline towards. An infant requires 12 diapers per day while a toddler needs 5-6 diapers.

Cloth diapers and wipes are reusable and are more helpful if you don’t want to run to the store every other day. It is advised to keep rash creams in case baby develops irritation from nappy.

Baby Food

  • Your baby is born with an embedded system designed to provide iron and other nutrients for six months after birth. For the first 6 months, the baby only needs breast milk or baby formula. But after that baby food need be fed separately in addition to feeding breast milk.
  • Baby food is soft, running, easily consumable food, specially made for infants between the ages of 6 months to two years.
  • Baby Food should contain all the necessary nutrients like iron for mental development, calcium for strength in bones, zinc for maturity in cognition and vitamins for overall skin and vision development.
As long as you have this list of primary needs covered, you are not missing out anything absolutely important for your baby.


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