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Buying baby blankets can be fun and at the same time confusing. Babies cannot speak their mind. They are not like adults where they go to a store and pick out the colour of t-shirt which they like. This is why you need to know exactly what kind of blankets will have what effect on your baby. There are two factors when it comes to picking baby blankets the fabric and the colour. While the fabric may be is easy to pick out the colour not. Colours tend to affect and influence a baby’s personality greatly. It also affects the mood of the baby as he grows up. The most common and important colours for any baby blanket are white, yellow, blue, red, green, purple and of course, pink.

Here we look at what you need to consider while picking the right colour of baby blanket.

Top colours for baby blankets

White and yellow baby blankets

White is a very popular colour which represents purity, innocence, peace and safety. It can also be associated with silence, truth and simplicity. It also holds feelings of hope and light. It is a very positive colour for your baby as it can get rid of negative thoughts and makes your baby feel calm and relaxed. Yellow is another popular colour for a baby blanket. Yellow means relaxation and happiness. When you use a yellow baby blanket you can be sure that the baby is going to be relaxed most of the time. It is also a very engaging colour yet it doesn’t keep him up. Even if the baby keeps staring at the colour for a long period of time you can be sure that the baby’s eyes will not feel tired. These are two of the best colours of baby blanket which you can get. However there are also other colours which are also nice choices.


Blue and purple baby blankets

Blue and purple blankets tend to be a favourite for boys. Blue exudes confidence and relaxation. Also it is a very soothing colour n the eye. When you pick a blue blanket make sure that the colour is not very harsh and that the blue colour being used is subtle to look at. If you use a blue colour which is too strong then the baby will feel too alarmed and that will hamper his sleep. His stimulus will be too active to get any rest. Intuition and freedom are also two very important aspects of blue colour. Wisdom and attachment are also two other traits which are tied together with the colour blue. Blue helps in lowering blood pressure and reduces the pulse frequency rate. Purple instigates artistic feelings in a baby. The colour is very much appreciated by creative people and it also symbolises various different factors like mystery, wisdom, nobility, pride and luxury.

Green and red baby blankets

Green and red are the last two common colours of baby blankets which you can go for. Green tends to be liked by babies a lot. It holds a very nice feeling and babies feel great looking at it since it symbolises nature. Green also symbolises tree and life. It symbolises a variety of factors including rebirth, youth, fertility, balance, stability, harmony and it also tends to be the symbol of earth. Green will contribute to the baby’s development by amplifying the power of his concentration. If you want a colour which is going to be bright and stimulating then go for red. Red tends to symbolise energy, power, heat, courage, speed and respect. It increases blood pressure and helps in rapid breathing. Red will help your baby to make daring decisions. Pink is another choice for a very neutral colour for boys as well as girls. They will love it and the subtle shade of the colour feels wonderful on any baby’s eyes. It is also known to diminish fear in babies and give them confidence.

These are just some of the popular colours you can go for when buying any baby blanket. If you wish to get a blanket with prints that works as well since there are various blankets out there with prints of your baby’s favourite cartoon charades.

Frequently asked questions

Can I choose dark colours for a baby blanket?

It's advisable to stick with lighter colours for baby blankets. Dark colours might not provide the same soothing and gentle aesthetic.

Are there specific colours that stimulate a baby's visual development?

High-contrast combinations like black and white or bold patterns with primary colors can stimulate a baby's developing vision.

Does the colour of a baby blanket affect the baby's mood?

Colours can have subtle effects on mood, but individual preferences vary. Generally, choosing soft and warm colours can create a comforting and positive atmosphere for the baby.

Should I prioritize practicality over colour when selecting a baby blanket?

Practicality is crucial so opt for colours that are easy to clean and maintain, especially considering the inevitable spills and stains that come with baby care.


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