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When you are travelling with a baby there are various things which you need to carry. It can be quite surprising that a little baby may need so many items but it is unavoidable. Babies need a lot of care and you need to carry a lot of items including diapers bibs etc. There are so many baby care products for newborn which you need to carry. But for people who do not have a lot of ideas on what they should carry here is a list of items which are must for travelling with a baby.


The most obvious item on the list and also the most important, it is absolutely vital that you carry as many diapers as you can when travelling with a baby. And also make sure that these diapers are disposable. You can get a rough idea of how many diapers you need to carry judging by the frequency at which they get used up. Also carry a pad to put under the baby during the diaper changes. Disposable changing pads are easy to find in any supermarket so go buy a few before you travel.


Baby blankets are extremely helpful when travelling with a baby. Firstly you get to lay the baby on the blanket and protect the clothes from messy bumps etc. They are also wonderful for shading your baby. Blankets serve a lot of uses when travelling. And most of all bring your baby’s favourite blanket as that will help him calm down.

Plastic bags

You never know when you may need to throw something away and you are not in the vicinity of a garbage bin. Due to this it is always a good idea to carry plastic bags of various sizes. They are not heavy and easily foldable. Carry a few of these so that you can store blankets, used diapers or clothes.

Diaper rash creams are also needed. Babies ted to develop diaper rash very quickly. So it is always handy to carry a tube of diaper rash ointment in case a rash does pop up.

Wipes and other stuff

Baby wipes are also useful for wiping off the baby’s bottoms etc. Also carry small bottles of disinfecting hand gel, baby wash and baby lotion. In addition to those you also need to carry a number of extra pacifiers and a few of the baby’s favourite toys to keep him engaged. Clothes, socks and shoes also need to be carried in spare numbers.

 Also carry washable bibs and a sun hat for the baby. You will be feeding your baby while on the road so carry a few plastic utensils and baby food. Formula water and juice is also appropriate if you can manage them. Try to bring nipples, extra bottles in case one of them cracks and sippy cups.

 Carry a nightlight so that you can go about those nightly diaper changes without any hassles and also carry a first aid kit. You never know when you might need some first aid especially when travelling with a baby. Use a sling or front carrier for carrying around your baby so that your hands stay free.

Few tips on how to travel smart

You need to start packing in advance if you keep the packing till the last minute there is a high chance that you will forget some small item which will cause problems on the road for the baby. Use a waterproof bag for carrying everything and also use a shoulder strap. There are chances of leaky diapers and baby spit ups when travelling in a plane. Due to that carry a few extra outfits and keep them in arms reach. Also carry a few extra clothes for yourself which you can pull out easily if your current shirt gets spoiled. Prevent any kind of leakage by packing all the toiletries and medicines in resalable bags.


Store all the baby’s items in different clear plastic resalable bags so that you do not have to hunt though a mess to find one single item. Make a baby care products list and check off the ones while you are packing so that you do not miss anything. There are ways to carry the best baby care products safely go through the ways online.  




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