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If I were asked, what has the best smell in the whole wide world, I would answer, babies. And I’m sure most of you would agree. Babies always seem to have a distinct smell that can only be labelled as cute. This smell is an admixture of the numerous Baby Products used on them and just their innate baby smell. So when you hear about using perfumes on your baby, you may be a little stumped. Don’t worry, you wouldn’t be the first or the only one.

Baby Perfumes in Culture

It is interesting to note that perfumes for babies have been well in practice in Europe and Latin America for ages, and though it is slowly spreading to the rest of the world as well, it still remains a nascent idea for most parts of the world apart from Europe. The whole debate of whether perfumes should be used on babies or not came up when a leading fragrance brand launched a baby perfume.

A Bonding Experience

When we wonder about why, in the first place, would we even dream of spraying perfumes on babies; the idea of the baby having anything other than a baby smell seems appalling. However, before being all judgemental, we should take into account the primary logic behind marketing baby perfumes. The intention is not to have the baby smell of Eau de X or some cologne. Using the perfume on the baby is supposed to be a sharing moment, a bonding experience for the mother and the child. The smell of one is evocative of the smell of the other–that is the idea behind baby perfumes. So don’t be surprised to see something like ‘Under-2’ baby perfumes on the shelf. This practice of using perfume on the new baby helps the Mother and child bond even more, over something as sensual and basic as a fragrance.

The Baby’s Delicate Skin

But this whole bonding experience cannot evade the most basic question that comes to mind: don’t perfumes have chemical ingredients? Won’t they be harmful for the Baby’s Skin which is a thousand times more sensitive and delicate than an adult’s? This is the primary reason one would be hesitant to use perfume on babies, let alone the difference of practices and cultures.

This is also the reason why organic perfumes are the best for babies. Moreover, there are specific perfumes that are meant for babies alone. Fashion and all apart, it is necessary to understand, before using any kind of product on a baby; that the baby’s delicate skin is not suitable for the harsh chemicals that we as adults can get away with. There are so many possibilities of risks and complications that may arise from randomly using products on a baby.

The Answer: Organic Perfumes for your Baby

First, organic perfumes use ingredients that are grown using organic methods; meaning, no harmful chemical, pesticide, insecticide, artificial hormone is used to enhance the process of their growth. So during the production of these perfumes, no harmful material that may have an adverse effect on the body is included. Second, only natural ingredients are used, mostly essential oils and aroma extracts. These smells are neither too overpowering, nor would they leave the baby smelling of the perfume department of a store. In fact, there are perfumes without smells for babies who are allergic. But of course it goes without saying that the general precautions need to be exercised while using the perfumes. They must not, at any cost be left to the kids themselves, and must always be used under the supervision of an adult.

The advantages of using baby perfumes are numerous. There are playful fragrances and shapes of bottles that would appeal to kids. Your babies still smell natural, and at the same time you get to create the special bond between you and your new born, and could be a great Gift for kids as well!


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