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Yes, massages. Studies show that it is extremely important for babies to be massaged with oils on a regular basis. There are numerous benefits of massage oils on babies, which include to ensuresupple and moisturized skin and to prevent any form of skin infections and allergies, and of course, the precious bonding time that a mother gets with her baby. Here are some extremely important benefits and massage oils that contribute to it:

  • Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal:

A very important concern with newly born babies is if they would contract any bacterial or fungal infections. Oils such as coconut oil and tea tree oil are suggested by doctors to be used as massage oils for babies due to its anti bacterial properties. They repair damaged cells due to its collagen producing properties. They are not harsh on the skin and hence perfect for sensitive skin. And because these oils are light, they get absorbed into the skin very quickly. Oils that have anti-bacterial properties also help boost the immunity system.

  •  Combats skin problems:

Babies are very prone to skin problems such as eczema, rashes,dermatitis and other skin breakouts. Using oils such as olive oil and chamomile oil helps prevent these problems. Because of the presence of anti oxidants such as lauric acid in certain massage oils, they not only fight against skin problems but also help nourish the skin. Babies usually tend to have dry and flaky skin. Using oils such as almond oil helps penetrate through the layers of the skin and strengthens the underlying tissues. They are also thus perfect to combat any diaper rashes.

  • Provide nutrients and temperature regulation:

Oils such as almond oil and sunflower oil provide vitamin E which is required for the body.  Vitamin E is a skin conditioner and acts as a protective layerthat helps in preventing over drying of the skin and thus keeps it moisturized. Other oils that fatty acids in them nourish the skin. Another important reason that babies should be massaged with oils in the colder months is because they provide a warming effect and also because in winters, the skin becomes dry and requires to be moisturized. If not moisturized well, the skin can become patchy due to the weather conditions that may cause skin irritation to the baby. Massage oil that is specifically used for this purpose is mustard oil.

  • Strengthens bones and improves blood circulation:

Since new born babies are unable to walk or stand, it is necessary to monitor the growth of their bones and their blood circulation. Massage oils such as castor oil, are used for this purpose. Massages also help strengthen the muscles of the body. It thus ensures that the baby has a healthy body. When massaging a baby, an enzyme called Omithine decarboxylase that is responsible for protein synthesis is stimulated. This thus helps muscle growth. It also helps in speeding up of the hormonal system.

Other benefits of massage oils for babies are:

  • Regulates permeability of the skin so as to not make it too oily or too dry and flaky.
  • Treats colic which is when a baby cries for long periods of time and helps the baby sleep better.
  • It is antiseptic in nature and thus prevents any infections in its primary stages.
  • Helps make the lips of the baby soft and supple.
  • It gives a glowing and soft effect to the skin.
  • Helps develop motor skills.
Massage can be a beautifully soothing experience for both you and your child. Pick the right massage oils from here and watch as your baby grows up to be a happy and healthy toddler.


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