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Babies are born with very sensitive skin. Usually, they shed the skin they are born with and a new fresh and pink skin layer appears beneath it. We often wonder what should we do to protect the baby’s soft and sensitive skin from the extreme weather conditions. Baby lotions! That’s the easiest answer, but what should we look for in baby lotions, what ingredient should and should not be used are the usual questions parents wonder about. Here’s a walkthrough that will help to choose the safest and best baby lotion for your bundle of joy. Bare these three things in mind, your baby will never have any skin related issues.


  1. Types Of Base Oil


These are also called carrier oils, they are used as the base or main oils and essential oils and other ingredients are added to these base oils. Coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, sesame oil are usually the best carrier oils, but for babies olive and almond are the best options available.


Olive Oil


Olive oil moisturizes the skin from deep within. It contains antioxidants, Vitamin E and Vitamin K. All these ingredients make it very beneficial for moisturizing and nourishing the skin. It penetrates deep in the skin and does not clog the pores, rather it exfoliates the skin. Considering these properties, olive oil proves to be a great baby lotion base. Most of the baby lotions have olive oil as a base for the same reason.


Almond Oil


Almond oil is loaded with Vitamin A, B2 and B6 which is required for a healthy skin. a nice massage with almond oil soothes their sore and tired muscles, because of all the notorious and fun activities they do daily,  relaxes them and thus retires them to a peaceful sleep. Almond oil also reduces indigestion. A newborn baby’s skin is very sensitive and prone to dryness. It penetrates deep in the skin and nourishes the baby’s delicate skin. Almond oil prevents the skin from such dryness and irritation.


Cold Pressed Oil


You might have heard that cold pressed oils are the healthiest ones and might have wondered what exactly does it mean? Oils, as we know, are extracted from fruits, seeds or nuts. The process requires the fruits, seeds or nuts to be pressed and ground between heavy stones or steel presses which secrets oil from the fruits, seeds or nuts. Temperature is a game-changer in this case. Oil is said to be cold pressed oil if the temperature does not rise above 49 degrees centigrade. This process helps to maintain most of the nutrients of the seeds, fruits or nuts while retaining the original aroma, flavour and nutritional value. Olive, sunflower, almond and peanut oils are usually extracted using this process.


  1. Other Oils And Substances


These are usually the essential oils that are added to the carrier oils to gain best benefits out of it.




Liquorice is also used as an alternative medicine in Ayurveda. It cleanses and nourishes the skin, leaving it smooth, soft and supple. Just like the one babies are born with.


Country Mallow


The extracts of country mallow treat rashes, cuts and mosquito bites.




Calendula oil is extracted from pot marigold flowers. It soothes dry and irritated skin and cures skin rashes, minor cuts and wounds. This oil is also beneficial when applied to bug or insect bites.




Lavender relaxes tired muscles and detoxifies the skin.




Orange is a rich source of Vitamin C. This helps to gently exfoliate and tone the soft and sensitive baby skin.


  1. Nothing Synthetic About It


Whatever lotion you choose to buy, bear in mind that you should not but a lotion that contains any synthetic products or any harmful and harsh chemicals. Remember the best way to protect you baby’s sensitive skin is to use natural and organic products.


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