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It is hard to imagine a baby without diapers. It almost seems like the diapers come with the baby, isn’t it? Well, since babies spend a lot of time wearing them, you need to make sure that it doesn’t cause any harm to highly sensitive skin of your baby. Diapers made from synthetic materials have a nasty habit of causing rash on the baby’s skin which can make your baby highly uncomfortable. Hence, it is always better to stick to diapers made from organic cloth as they will keep the baby’s skin soft and smooth, free from any rashes.

Why you need cloth diapers?

Most mothers will not even think about the option of cloth diapers for their babies. The unending peril of having to wash them all the time and the inconvenience that it causes, who would want that! But pause for a second and think about the following reasons why cloth diapers are better than disposable ones for your baby.

  • No rashes

No matter how much the disposable diaper companies claim their diapers to be rash free, they will always and always cause rashes on your baby’s delicate skin. Mothers will know this for a fact. Meanwhile, the cloth diapers are completely harmless and will not result in even a single rash on the baby’s skin.

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  • The potty training benefit

It has been observed that babies who are used to wearing cloth diapers tend to learn potty training early. This is because they are more aware of the moisture that builds up in the diaper and connect with it faster. The disposable diapers can have no such effect.

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  • No chemicals

The disposable diapers come with a mixture of chemicals like polyacrylate, chlorine, etc. sprayed onto them which can be harmful to babies. Cloth diapers are completely free from any such chemicals and even contain natural oils and other organic ingredients that will moisturize your baby’s skin.

  • Cheaper

Cloth diapers are way cheaper than the disposable ones. When a pack of disposable diapers cost around 500-600 rupees, the cloth diapers only cost around 200 rupees. Rip off, right? And not to mention the added advantage of not having to buy diaper rash creams any more. Cloth diapers are much cheaper than disposable any day.

  • The cuteness factor

Why do people love babies? Because they are super-duper cute, silly! And the cloth diapers available in today’s market are even cuter. They comes attractive colours and patterns that will make your baby look even more adorable. Disposable diapers with their bland colour and design don’t even come close when it comes to the cuteness factor.


Various comfy types of cloth diapers

Today, there is a wide array of attractive options available for the cloth diapers. They are designed to make your baby feel comfortable at all times and are convenient to use as well.


  • Pocket diapers

Pocket diapers resemble the disposable one in their make and design. It is the convenience of disposable diapers and comfort of the cloth diapers all rolled into one. They come with a water proof lining underneath the layer of cloth. They have Velcro for easy fastening and are very absorbent as well.

  • Fitted cloth diapers

These are made of multiple layers of absorbent cloth. They come with elastic in the leg and back area and are fastened using hooks and loop closures. They are not waterproof, though. They usually come in fitted sizes and you need to buy new sizes as the baby grows. But they are very comfortable owing to the multiple cloth layers.

  • All in one cloth diapers

They come with a set of absorbency layers sewn into an outer water proof covering. They are easy to change and are based on a one wear, one wash functionality. They come in simple and trim fit designs and are suitable for any situation.

  • Hybrid cloth diapers

It is basically an outer shell into which you can insert multiple absorbency layers. It was designed make diapering easy for the parents.

Baby skin is very soft and delicate. It needs to be protected from harmful chemicals and rough surfaces. Switch to cloth diapers so that your baby will be comfortable and free from rashes. Click here to know more.


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