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Parents are often scared to send their kids outdoors due to the worrying effects of insect bites.  They take all the precautions to protect their tiny tots from mosquito bites before putting them to bed. But almost always these precautions are not efficient. They eventually see their babies waking up with a rash due to an insect bite overnight. Here we provide a simple solution in the form of anti-mosquito bands. It’s proven to best suited for the kids below 5 years as it’s not harmful.

Different ways to repel mosquitoes

There are several ways to repel mosquitoes from babies. Bug repellents are the common ones but it’s proven harmful for babies below 2 months. There are different aerosols, sprays, liquids, sticks, creams that act as insect repellents but none of them can be proved 100% safe for the infants. Also, with the help of technology we see sonic repellents but they can cause hearing impairment for babies below 2. The newest and reliable is using repellents with DEET(Diethyl-3-methylbenzamide). It’s a chemical formula the repels insects and prevents them for up to 8 years. But the American physicists do not refer this as they feel methyl benzamide is toxic for little ones.


Efficient method with fruitful results:

So, when compared to all the above methods, the anti-mosquito band is proven to be most effective in both indoors and outdoors. Parents are more relieved with this products as it protects their loved ones and also isn’t much harmful. Few reasons for choosing anti-mosquito bands over others:

  • No stringent or strong odour: as that of chemicals and other sprays. Although the smell of the band when taken close can cause nausea, its odour is less strong and the nausea effect hardly lasts for 2-3 seconds which is not the case in sprays.


  • Lack of portability of electronic repellers: although electronic pest controls are available in the market, it cannot be obtained everywhere. Also, these devices are pricey and cannot be used in al environments. These are ultrasonic devices which work only in short wavelength but high-frequency conditions and also these signals can act as hazardous for infants. So this is often not suited.


  • The ingredients used to make this product are not as toxic as compared to that of others. The chemicals sometimes may cause suffocation for the babies as their immunity is much lower when compared to that of a normal human being. Here citronella oil is the ingredient used. This is a natural oil and the aroma of it helps to repel mosquitoes away. This oil is coated on the band and will thus help in protecting kids outdoors. As these are all herbal that is plant based, they are not harmful to the environment as well. The carbon di oxide released to the atmosphere due to the usage of these bands are slightly less when compared to that of others.


  • The different anti-mosquito methods were tested in laboratories and it was found that using bands actually prevented mosquitoes from coming nearby acting as a protective shield layer. The DEET repellent was found to be most effective but due to usage of chemical solvents people were a worried to use it on their little ones sensitive skins.


Considering all the above features of the anti-mosquito band, we can allow the little ones to have fun outdoors with insect bite free and the parents can just enjoy their free afternoons relaxing without having to worry about their kids. The tiny tots will show off their different anti-mosquito bands superhero bands having now come to the market.


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