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Nothing can be more relaxing for your little one than a hot oil massage. Oil massages were prevalent since ancient times and have been beneficial for baby’s overall health and development. Oil is the best component for baby massage. Today market is flooded with all sorts of baby massage oils. The smart marketers come up with various unique selling points to lure the poor customers. When it comes to your little one, I am sure you don’t want compromises.

People have different opinions about baby massage oils, some prefer vegetable oils where as some go for mineral oils. The best oil which is good for your baby is that is easily absorbed and is more slippery on your baby’s skin.

We will advise you to go for good organic oil that does wonder for your baby’s sensitive skin. If your baby has a very sensitive skin often develops eczema, try to avoid:

Mustard oil: it causes irritation and due to its toxic nature can damage skin.

Avoid unrefined peanut oil: its protein content can cause allergic reactions.

Do not use Aqueous creams as they contain sodium lauryl sulphate which can damage baby skin barrier.


Which oils are good for a sensitive baby skin?

Organic vegetable oils with high linoleic acid are considered gentler on baby’s skin. Linoleic acid has good fatty acid that protects skin barrier. Good examples can be Grape seed oil and Sunflower oil.

Some vegetable oils have high oleic acid, such oils should be avoided on babies, which have broken skin or atopic eczema. Choose organic sunflower seed oil than olive oil on baby’s skin.

Though studies show that Oleic acid makes the skin permeable but this means rather than trapping, skin oil and moisture also gets lost. This can damage your baby’s skin and easily cause sun damages.

Always remember vegetable oils that have high linoleic acid contain high polyunsaturated fats where as oils which have high oleic acid have high monounsaturated fats. Use oils which have high polyunsaturated fats.


Another option for you is perfume free mineral oil in case your baby has broken skin. Mineral oils are produced from petroleum and petroleum are the best skin softeners. They are safe to be used on skin infections like dermatitis or eczema. However before using those on baby skin do consult your doctor.

If you’ve had premature baby birth then mineral oils are a better option. They protect skin barrier and helps in sealing skin moisture. You can also use mineral oils after bathing your child on his damp skin. Always store your oil properly at times we do not read or take instructions seriously.

Buy a small bottle of oil instead of the big one. Use particular oil for a week and then choose your oil.

Using organic Almond oil on babies

Sweet organic almond oil is found beneficial on small babies. Almond oil is considered bets for our skin as it is loaded with Vitamin E and Vitamin D, they keep skin supple and soft. Almond oil can be used in every season.

The natural moisturisers in sweet almond oil keeps baby’s skin supple for hours. Almond oil has natural anti inflammatory properties than reduces skin irritation and itching. The best feature of almond oil is that it can be safely ingested. During massage if by change the oil is consumed internally by baby it will have no side effects unlike the mineral oils.

Sweet almond oil reduces dandruff too. When massaged on baby’s scalp gently it relieves the flaky scalp. Almond oil is very thin and light. It is non greasy and can even be used after bath.

Few tips while choosing the right oil

  • Before buying any oil consult your doctor
  • Do patch test on your baby
  • Check the expiry of the oil
  • Do not use adult oil for baby massage
  • Very strong scented oils should be avoided
  • Prefer oil which are edible
  • Avoid mixing two to three oils.

 Organic oils are found all over the market. You can also order online. Look for the right manufacturer. Generally organic oils do not cause any skin problems. Look for the right oil which suits your baby’s skin and give your baby your touch of love.

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