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When you bring the baby to the world the first few days are spent in extra care at the maternity centr. As soon as the child is brought home one needs to be extra careful. First and foremost is to provide comfort. Since the child has just come out from the mother’s womb parents need to make the baby feel as if he is still in the womb and give me some time to adjust to the big change that he has just come over.

Swaddling is part of baby care. Nurses can help you learn swaddling a baby. Swaddling has its own importance. Wrap your baby around the blanket when you swaddle your baby. It gives a womb like feeling to the baby. He feels comfortable and secure when you wrap him around and goes to sleep easily. Swaddling guidelines must be followed when swaddle your baby.

Foremost rule of swaddling

Cover your baby in the comfortable blanket and swaddle him. However, when he falls of to sleep place him in the cot on his back. Do not leave your baby allow as he might have the tendency to roll over which is very risky. The American Paediatrics Association has stated in order to save the baby from SID- Sudden Death Syndrome parents must always put their babies to sleep on their back. Roll in him the blanket in such a way that is neither tight nor lose.

Till what age should parents swaddle their babies?

Babies should be swaddled till the age of two months.

Safe and comfortable sleep recommendation

Experts have suggested various advices for new parents to help them put their babies to sleep in peace and comfort, without any risk.

  • Placing the baby on his back and seeing that he does not topple over falling on his place. It is suggested that for support two pillows be put either side of the child.
  • Do not wrap the swaddle blanket loose. It might just cover your babies’ nose and face leading to breathlessness.
  • Put your baby in his crib or cot. It has been specially designed for him and not your bed.
  • Swaddling with blanket wrapped can lead to your baby feel hot. Be careful to feel if your baby is feeling hot
  • Always keep the crib away from smoke
  • Always use comfortable and only organic baby swaddler and blankets. Organic blanket are best for your baby. They use the best cotton which is highly needed for your baby’s comfort. They have been specially designed to give maximum care for your baby. They do not cause any skin rashes and they are very comforting too.

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