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Sleep is most important for the baby. Only when the baby sleeps does he grow. Parents must be very careful to provide maximum comfort to the baby when he sleeps. For a healthy baby sleep is most required. Sleeping helps the baby grow fast. Though the baby comes to earth, the baby is still not fully developed. As the baby is allowed to sleep he/she gets rest and slowly all the internal organs develop slowly to come to its full form. It is therefore often told not to disturb the baby, not to hold him/her in the arms but allowed to sleep as much as he/she wants in order to grow up quickly and in a healthy manner.

Why babies should be covered with blankets

  • Covering the baby with baby organic blanket is a must. Wrapping the baby in baby blankets is very crucial. It gives the baby security and a feeling of belongingness. Babies get frighten very easily. To give him assurance that he is safe it is always suggested that he is wrapped and covered.
  • Covering is also recommended because it protects the baby from cough and cold. Within the mothers womb it is warm, sudden exposure to the outside world might affect babies’ immunity and he might catch a cold.
  • Also wrapping with baby organic blanket is must because this prevents direct body contact with the child. The child is very delicate direct contact is very dangerous.

What is organic blanket? Why should parents chose baby organic blankets only? Organic baby blanket is specially designed by paediatrics only to provide contentment to the child. The material used to make the blanket is of supreme quality.  The softness provides a soft touch to the baby. The soft touch gives her extra comfort allowing the baby to sleep peacefully. The breathable muslin allows temperature regulation without making the baby feel hot or cold. They are not crafted using synthetic material but natural fibres like lambs wool, cotton and muslin. Lambs wool for instance provide baby with content sleep, less restless ness thus more weight gain and body growth.

Natural remedies at home for baby’s better sleep:

 Along with providing the baby with the best organic baby blanket you can also use essential oils for your babies benefit. Lavender essential oil has the property to promote sleep. Mix the oil in milk and then pour in the bathing water to give a relaxing sleep.

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