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Make Your Baby Look Cute with Bibs

There are many types of bibs available in the market, each appropriate for different age groups. Each type of bib has its own advantages according to the needs of the developing child – a dribbling baby or a messy eater.

  • Plain Bibs

Made with either poplin cotton or terry cotton, plain bibs lie flat on a baby’s chest. They are all-rounder bibs and can be used for any occasion. These bibs may sometimes have a pocket at the bottom of the bib to catch food.

  • Feeding / Scoop Bibs

Feeding bibs are also known as “messy bibs” due to the fact that they are specially designed to be used during a baby’s messiest activity – feeding time. They are made with easy-to-clean material such as plastic, rubber or neoprene and are very easy to clean since they merely have to be wiped down after eating.

They are idle for children who are learning how to eatand provide them with a sense of independence as they learn to eat on their own. The pocket at the bottom of a feeding bib is meant to catch any food that may fall and make a mess. The material of these types of bibs and their weight make it inconvenient for them to be used during any other time.

  • Coverall Bibs

If you want to take feeding bibs one step further, then opt for sleeved bibs. Coverall bibs, as the name suggests, covers a baby’s upper body completely. They look more like jumpers than bibs and are made of plastic and so are easy to clean.

Coverall bibs are meant for babies who are able to eat themselves but are yet to learn the art of eating without making a mess. They are very useful during any other messy activity of your child; for instance, if he is painting. These bibs are a favorite with toddlers who love the cartoon characters on these bibs or the way that they are made – for instance a policeman’s jacket.

  • Dribble / Bandana Bibs

Dribble bibs are also known as bandana bibs due to the simple fact that they are designed on the bandana. They are primarily meant to catch dribble and come in different colors and designs. These bibs are very useful for babies who are teething or who dribble a lot.

  • Scarf Bibs

Scarf bibs are designed based on both a scarf and a bib. They come in the shape of a loop which can be put around a baby’s neck. The only part missing is the drop-down front portion which covers the baby’s chest. Scarf bibs are great during winters as they can be used to keep your baby warm.

  • Novelty Bibs

These bibs have the basic design of a plain bib, the difference being in their shapes and amusing designs. Novelty bibs come in all shapes and sizes with designs ranging from strawberries to stars.

Bibs are one of the most used everyday items during your baby’s growing years. Click here for more choices on bibs.


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