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Massaging your baby has many other benefits like development of strong bones and muscles, developing a stronger digestion system, improving blood circulation and treating any bodily aches or pain.

What is a baby massage?

Baby massage is different from any other kind of massage. Your baby is at a tender stage, any harsh movement can prove to be dangerous. Therefore, baby massage is usually tender, always done with hand without using any equipment in a slow and rhythmic fashion. You can give your baby a massage with either organic oils or moisturizers. This will ensure that important vitamins and essential nutrients seep through your baby’s skin, which will make the massage all the more beneficial.

Here is why massages are great for your baby:

  1. Massaging your baby regularly stimulates his/her central nervous system, which is the reason behind a reaction in the body that produces a feel good hormone called Serotonin. Therefore, a regularly massaged baby will be happy and cheerful with no or little fuss. Serotonin helps to control the stress hormone thereby relaxing the heart rate and other functions of your baby.

  1. Apart from physical benefits, massaging can be a great way to boost your baby’s emotional well-being. Research shows that massaging involves affectionate touch from the parents. Since the cognition of language has not yet developed within the baby, massaging acts as a route of communication. This helps to strengthen the bond between the baby and the parents. This skin-to-skin communication will not only help the baby, but it will also help you as a parent to feel in control. This is a unique way to bond, as it would help you read all the signals and indications given by your baby.

  1. Massages help stimulate many important nerves, one of them being theVagus nerve. This connects many important body parts. However, the actual help comes from the fact that it connects the stomach. Therefore, stimulating this nerve will improve the digestive system. This is a great way for your baby to gain weight. Use any organic massage oil to gain maximum result.

  1. Massaging your baby is also beneficial for heart functions. The soothing movements of massage stabilize the heart rate resulting in a steadier heart rate in the baby. This helps your baby respond calmly to stress and pain.

  1. Often, babies have a very irregular sleep cycle. They will keep you up all night and will not sleep during the day. Massaging your baby before bedtime feeding can enhance the sleep patterns. Massaging helps calm down the nerves, which can be helpful for making your baby less fussy at night.

Always remember that your baby’s skin is delicate and it requires utmost care. Therefore, do not go on an experimenting spree and use any kind of massaging oil or moisturizing cream. Performa patch test to ensure that the oil suits your baby. Try to avoid oils like mustard oil, unrefined peanut oil, and aqueous cream. Instead, switch to organic massage oils and creams which will not only help you give a great massage to your baby but is also beneficial for him/her. For more information about organic massage oils for your baby, click here.


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