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Are you thinking of shedding those extra kilos?  Finding no time to hit the gym? May be I can help you here. A cup of lemon tea daily will solve your problems to a great extent. Soothe your mind as will lemon tea soothe your mind and body. It promotes good health, boosts your immune system and relieves all your stress. Lemon tea contains a certain phytochemical which treats heart diseases, cancer, and diabetes and controls your blood pressure level. It is easily available and all you need to do is choose from its variants according to your mood and taste. It helps in reducing weight because it is an extremely low calorie drink. And when you are thinking of reducing weight it is advisable not to add sugar to your lemon tea. Lets us now have a look into how lemon tea helps in reducing weight.

  • Cut the stress!

Really! Stress makes you fat. How does that happen? Well, stress releases some hormones which force you to eat. The higher your stress levels, the more you eat and the more you eat you accumulate fat. Simple enough! Grab a cup of lemon tea to help reduce your stress.

  • Less calorie

As known to be rich in vitamin C, lemons do have a fat reducing agent. This property of lemons exists in lemon tea too. Drink your lemon tea without sugar and there you are the perfect less calorie, non fattening drink. The best part is that you can have it more than once in a day. You can also have it with your snacks adding some honey as a sweetener which will also help you in reducing weight.

  • Ginger it up

Add some ginger to your lemon tea. Ginger contains a thermogenic effect which helps the boost the process of metabolism in your body. When you have a good metabolism then it is natural that there will be less accumulation of fat. Therefore, a ginger lemon tea would help you in reducing weight.

  • Detox!

The citric acid in lemon flushes out all the impurities of the kidney and the liver. Lemon tea helps in the process of digestion as well. It also takes care of the acidity that is formed in the gastrointestinal tract. And hence there is no room left for those unwanted, stubborn and uninvited fats to settle down.

Well, now you know how to reduce weight with just a cup of lemon tea. Waste no more time, go grab some lemon tea and start your day with a healthy note. Click here for more ways on reducing weight.


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