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Do you stay up at night texting the cute guy from the other class? Do you burn the midnight oil during exams, cramming everything you can into your head? Not only are you denying yourself the rest your mind needs but you might also be preventing your body from growing tall. Read on to find out why sleep is important to grow tall.

Why do we grow tall?

So we can look down on other people? It’s okay if you didn’t smile; it was a silly joke. We grow tall because our body produces the growth hormone. The growth hormone is manufactured by our body itself and this is important because the growth hormone ensures that you heal faster, you develop muscles and that your bones grow. And if you are still a teenager developing, growth hormone makes you tall.

What does sleep have to do with it?

If you haven’t guessed yet, the growth hormone is produced when you are asleep. Your body secretes this hormone in the 8 hours you go to bed at night. This is why you have to gets lots of sleep if you want to help your body grow tall.

So, if I sleep a lot, I will grow tall?

Err...not necessarily. If your growth plates are functioning optimally, you will grow tall even if you have terrible sleeping habits. On the other hand, if they aren’t open, you won’t be putting on any height even if you sleep all day.

What other ways are there?

Exercise such as sprinting is said to stimulate the secretion of the growth hormone. Also, ensuring a good night’s sleep by taking a relaxing shower or doing some yoga is a great way of relieving stress and if everything goes right, putting on some height.

I can’t sleep

Insomnia or its milder cousins are quite common today. The reasons could be sleep disorders, emotional stress or medications, to name a few. There are treatments available for the same. A good way to combat sleeping disorders is to make sure you prepare for bed an hour before the actual sleeping. This means that if you want to go to bed by 10, finish up your work by 9. Spend the next hour taking a relaxing bath, or reading your favourite novel or anything that relaxes you. If you still can’t sleep, pick up a textbook of advanced quantum mechanics and try t read it. If it doesn’t put you into a deep sleep, it will at least make a scientist out of you.

What About Height Supplements?

There are many height supplements available that can help you grow. They are mostly protein packed nutrients that help in your physical development. Avoid steroids and choose organic health supplements.


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